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lakeside closed

I tried going to lakeside today but found a sign saying the owners have retired and they are closed. The sign said to go try out imperial inn, I tried it but wasn't too impressed. Any recommendations for dim sum now that lakeside is closed?

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  1. I had a really good lunch at Kingdom of Vegetarians recently, but it's (naturally) all vegetarian. Too bad about Lakeside, I always heard it was great but never got a chance to go there.

    1. GO to OCEAN HARBOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. What a complete bummer. Lakeside was the best

        1. I heard so much about Lakeside but never got there. I'm a regular at Joy Tsin Lau, Ocean Harbor, Phoenix, and the one across the street from Joy Tsin Lau. If I had to rank them though:
          1) Joy Tsin Lau
          2) the one across the street from Joy Tsin Lau (virtually all Asian customers)
          3) Ocean Harbor
          4) Phoenix

          1. oh no, not after i'd JUST discovered them!!! i've only been twice, and i have been dreaming about those sesame balls ever since. so where does one go for sesame balls in chinatown, then? has anyone seen them anywhere else?

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              I thought sesame balls were pretty common at dim sum places. I know Ocean Harbor can be more intimidating for some people than the relaxed environment of Lakeside, but OH does have a larger variety of dishes, and I think they always did the steamed dim sum better. It's true their fried dim sum, such as the sesame balls, is oilier than Lakeside.
              PS rabidog, mochi is made with a glutinous rice flour similar to what's used in those sesame balls. Guess you really like that stuff :)

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                a little slice o heaven! :)

                yep, i had 'lotus balls' at a crazy weird dim sum place in NY made from the same stuff, it's great.

                oh, and there's also a red bean / green tea / strawberry mochi trio out at stonewall, the korean/japanese place in plymouth meeting (i think they may have stopped serving the korean dishes, last time i was there, unfortunately), that's the dessert that turned me on to the stuff.

            2. wow this is horrible, there's really no other place to get dim sum on demand whenever you want.

              1. Lakeside was my favorite place to go for beef with black bean sauce. I am really unhappy about this.

                1. yeah, i walked by friday and saw that as well (was coming just now to post it).

                  rabidog, for the sesame balls, you mean the fried dough w/sweet paste (lotus I think)? If so, most of the bakeries have those. I'd start with Mayflower or Greenland Tea (across the street from Lakeside).

                  i think i might slightly prefer ocean harbor to joy tsin lau, and lately i've discovered that ocean harbor DOES have Nye Wong Bao but you almost always have to ask for it.

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                    The fresh, hot sesame balls at Lakeside were a world away from the cold, heavy ones they have sitting on the shelf at delis. Are there any other dim sum places where you can order off the menu (so I can get veggie and my husband can get meat)? Thank you.

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                      I agree- the sesame balls I've seen are nothing like the great ones at Lakeside. Luckily I was there at the end of December for a final visit. They actually ran out of sesame balls, so they brought us the last 2 & then gave us another type just to try. They will be missed!

                  2. This is truly bad news! Lakeside was my favorite Dim Sum place! Tried to go to Ocean Harbor New Year's Day. It was packed and the people I went with didn't feel like waiting. Will definitely have to try it another time.

                      1. im so sad! these were the nicest friendliest hosts anywhere that made ordering different chinese food non itimidating :( i guess im happy they can afford to retire tho...

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                          it sounds like we should go on a reverse-strike!! if i get super-motivated (by subpar sesame balls elsewhere) i might just print this thread and leave it in the mail, in case the owners come by. sounds like they will be missed!

                        2. We were so sad to hear that Lakeside is closed. We just discovered it about a year (or more?) ago, and we have been there many times. I wrote some long posts about it.

                          I loved being able to order from the menu instead of guessing at what was on a cart. We tried many, many items and were rarely disappointed.

                          Does anyone else make those beef and peanut dumplings?
                          This place will be missed!

                          1. If someone doesn't mind: what should I be looking for when eating chicken feet at dim sum? I ordered them last Saturday at Ocean Harbor and it was just skin, bone and tendon. And what are the things that look like small off-white rectangular bricks that are sort of pan fried?


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                              Personally, I enjoy the texture of chicken feet. They are kind of tricky to eat though, and they're not much good when cold.

                              I'd guess the pan-fried rectangles are turnip cake. Soft texture, starchy, often has bits of shrimp embedded. Does that sound right?

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                                I've never understood the appeal of chicken feet. There's not much to them and grabbing them with chopsticks is a task. Then I consider what they've been standing in all day...

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                                  No the rectangle item is nearly the size of a bar of soap.

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                                    Trying to get this to post at the bottom of this thread; sorry for the reply to the wrong post.

                                    Craig LaBan wrote a great article about Lakeside today in the Inquirer, including its history. I didn't realize that it had been open since 1989. Also included are recipes for some of our collective favorites, including Meat and Peanut Dumplings: