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lakeside closed

ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 10:35 AM

I tried going to lakeside today but found a sign saying the owners have retired and they are closed. The sign said to go try out imperial inn, I tried it but wasn't too impressed. Any recommendations for dim sum now that lakeside is closed?

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  1. b
    Buckethead RE: ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 11:19 AM

    I had a really good lunch at Kingdom of Vegetarians recently, but it's (naturally) all vegetarian. Too bad about Lakeside, I always heard it was great but never got a chance to go there.

    1. lawslaw RE: ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 01:26 PM

      GO to OCEAN HARBOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. p
        productionjon RE: ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 04:30 PM

        What a complete bummer. Lakeside was the best

        1. Chinon00 RE: ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 04:48 PM

          I heard so much about Lakeside but never got there. I'm a regular at Joy Tsin Lau, Ocean Harbor, Phoenix, and the one across the street from Joy Tsin Lau. If I had to rank them though:
          1) Joy Tsin Lau
          2) the one across the street from Joy Tsin Lau (virtually all Asian customers)
          3) Ocean Harbor
          4) Phoenix

          1. rabidog RE: ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 05:26 PM

            oh no, not after i'd JUST discovered them!!! i've only been twice, and i have been dreaming about those sesame balls ever since. so where does one go for sesame balls in chinatown, then? has anyone seen them anywhere else?

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            1. re: rabidog
              Dib RE: rabidog Jan 9, 2008 10:20 PM

              I thought sesame balls were pretty common at dim sum places. I know Ocean Harbor can be more intimidating for some people than the relaxed environment of Lakeside, but OH does have a larger variety of dishes, and I think they always did the steamed dim sum better. It's true their fried dim sum, such as the sesame balls, is oilier than Lakeside.
              PS rabidog, mochi is made with a glutinous rice flour similar to what's used in those sesame balls. Guess you really like that stuff :)

              1. re: Dib
                rabidog RE: Dib Jan 10, 2008 06:51 PM

                a little slice o heaven! :)

                yep, i had 'lotus balls' at a crazy weird dim sum place in NY made from the same stuff, it's great.

                oh, and there's also a red bean / green tea / strawberry mochi trio out at stonewall, the korean/japanese place in plymouth meeting (i think they may have stopped serving the korean dishes, last time i was there, unfortunately), that's the dessert that turned me on to the stuff.

            2. l
              leepinleemur RE: ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 07:06 PM

              wow this is horrible, there's really no other place to get dim sum on demand whenever you want.

              1. b
                bentley1530 RE: ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 07:06 PM

                Lakeside was my favorite place to go for beef with black bean sauce. I am really unhappy about this.

                1. joypirate RE: ibcnunhell Jan 5, 2008 07:52 PM

                  yeah, i walked by friday and saw that as well (was coming just now to post it).

                  rabidog, for the sesame balls, you mean the fried dough w/sweet paste (lotus I think)? If so, most of the bakeries have those. I'd start with Mayflower or Greenland Tea (across the street from Lakeside).

                  i think i might slightly prefer ocean harbor to joy tsin lau, and lately i've discovered that ocean harbor DOES have Nye Wong Bao but you almost always have to ask for it.

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                  1. re: joypirate
                    Bride of the Juggler RE: joypirate Jan 7, 2008 06:01 AM

                    The fresh, hot sesame balls at Lakeside were a world away from the cold, heavy ones they have sitting on the shelf at delis. Are there any other dim sum places where you can order off the menu (so I can get veggie and my husband can get meat)? Thank you.

                    1. re: Bride of the Juggler
                      pamd RE: Bride of the Juggler Jan 7, 2008 08:34 AM

                      I agree- the sesame balls I've seen are nothing like the great ones at Lakeside. Luckily I was there at the end of December for a final visit. They actually ran out of sesame balls, so they brought us the last 2 & then gave us another type just to try. They will be missed!

                  2. Rondo RE: ibcnunhell Jan 6, 2008 11:48 AM

                    This is truly bad news! Lakeside was my favorite Dim Sum place! Tried to go to Ocean Harbor New Year's Day. It was packed and the people I went with didn't feel like waiting. Will definitely have to try it another time.

                    1. saturninus RE: ibcnunhell Jan 7, 2008 05:23 AM


                      1. swanly21 RE: ibcnunhell Jan 7, 2008 07:23 AM

                        im so sad! these were the nicest friendliest hosts anywhere that made ordering different chinese food non itimidating :( i guess im happy they can afford to retire tho...

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                        1. re: swanly21
                          rabidog RE: swanly21 Jan 9, 2008 03:00 PM

                          it sounds like we should go on a reverse-strike!! if i get super-motivated (by subpar sesame balls elsewhere) i might just print this thread and leave it in the mail, in case the owners come by. sounds like they will be missed!

                        2. s
                          sylviag RE: ibcnunhell Jan 9, 2008 04:30 PM

                          We were so sad to hear that Lakeside is closed. We just discovered it about a year (or more?) ago, and we have been there many times. I wrote some long posts about it.

                          I loved being able to order from the menu instead of guessing at what was on a cart. We tried many, many items and were rarely disappointed.

                          Does anyone else make those beef and peanut dumplings?
                          This place will be missed!

                          1. Chinon00 RE: ibcnunhell Jan 9, 2008 08:01 PM

                            If someone doesn't mind: what should I be looking for when eating chicken feet at dim sum? I ordered them last Saturday at Ocean Harbor and it was just skin, bone and tendon. And what are the things that look like small off-white rectangular bricks that are sort of pan fried?


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                            1. re: Chinon00
                              Dib RE: Chinon00 Jan 9, 2008 10:27 PM

                              Personally, I enjoy the texture of chicken feet. They are kind of tricky to eat though, and they're not much good when cold.

                              I'd guess the pan-fried rectangles are turnip cake. Soft texture, starchy, often has bits of shrimp embedded. Does that sound right?

                              1. re: Dib
                                mulligatawnybreath RE: Dib Jan 18, 2008 01:10 PM

                                I've never understood the appeal of chicken feet. There's not much to them and grabbing them with chopsticks is a task. Then I consider what they've been standing in all day...

                                1. re: Dib
                                  Chinon00 RE: Dib Jan 18, 2008 06:55 PM

                                  No the rectangle item is nearly the size of a bar of soap.

                                  1. re: Chinon00
                                    croutonpiggy RE: Chinon00 Feb 7, 2008 05:39 AM

                                    Trying to get this to post at the bottom of this thread; sorry for the reply to the wrong post.

                                    Craig LaBan wrote a great article about Lakeside today in the Inquirer, including its history. I didn't realize that it had been open since 1989. Also included are recipes for some of our collective favorites, including Meat and Peanut Dumplings:


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