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Jan 5, 2008 10:15 AM

Brunch tomorrow (Sunday) - any ideas?

I'd love some recs for tomorrow's brunch for me and a friend. We are meeting at Yonge & Eg (halfway between her place and mine) but I don't mind subwaying down yonge, and then walking for good chow.

We're craving good ole' breakfast food... nothing fancy, but good coffee and big portions.

Thanks Chowhounds, and Happy New Year!

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  1. The Rebel House on Yonge at the Rosedale Subway has a great Brunch Menu....big portions and good coffee...Miranda

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    1. re: miranda

      i second rebel house. french toast is great as is their regular bacon and egg breakfast.

        1. re: pescatarian

          Ha me too, thanks for the posting rbc! I'm probably going to Rebel House - how's their eggs benedict (or 'poached eggs' according to their menu)?

          1. re: artificialard

            in case you just needed an extra nudge - i concur.. .Rebel House has some of the best brunch i've had in a while. And their Ceasars are AWESOME.

            1. re: smook

              I have to disagree with the above posters. Inspired by this thread, my wife and I headed over for a late brunch. The restaurant is nice and homey, but very crowded. I could have lived with that if the food was worthwhile. My wife had the poached eggs with salmon and it wasn't bad, but nothing special. I had the meatloaf sandwich and was severly dissapointed. The meatloaf had no texture at all and I don't know about the taste as it had so much barbeque sauce you couldn't taste anything else.

              I will agree that the service was great. When I mentioned that I wasn't happy they took the sandwich off the bill without even having asked. That little bit of care and the many fine reviews posted here means there is a small chance I may go back some day for a second chance.

    2. Daybreak would be my pick. Cheap 'n cheerful, friendly atmosphere, and definitely large portions. It's about five minutes from Yonge & College.

      399 Church, Toronto, ON M5B2A1, CA

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      1. re: xtal

        Daybreak is perfect! Huge portions, great breakfasty menu and good atmosphere.

      2. i've heard wonderful things about Homeway on Mount Pleasant north of Eglinton

        The Homeway
        955 Mt Pleasant, Toronto, ON M4P2L7, CA

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        1. re: LemonLauren

          i went for brunch at Homeway at the end of the summer and thought it was kind of terrible. If you do a search you'll find another post by me about it. Boils down to bad service (wrong order, inattentive etc) and mediocre to bad food (they even messed up toast!).

          I really wanted to like it too since it's right by my apartment but they made it VERY difficult. I do like that they have a patio though in the summer.

          1. re: wontonfm

            I have to agree with wontonfm....kinda hit and miss service wise.

            1. re: wontonfm

              Well, I've been to Homeway many times, and it has always been a pleasure. The service is hit and miss (sometimes they have inexperienced servers), but the food has always been great in an upscale comfort food way, and the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. The owner is a cheerful man.

          2. Hi CHs... So I thought I'd report back. Thanks for all the recs. We actually ended up at Over Easy on Bloor (west of Avenue). The coffee was endless, portions pretty good, and service good. The homefries left much to be desired though.

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            1. re: rbc

              not a big fan of over easy
              the food is nothing special..sure the coffee is bottomless, but the line is usually out the door.

              1. re: c_snapper

                Too late now, but I place we really enjoying going to is Marvellous Edibles on Laird. It is off the beaten track but still gets quite a crowd. The do great omelets and waffles. Lottsa coffee and quite comfortable. We've been wanting to try their dinner but so far haven't gotten around to it. If you've tried it, I'd be interested to hear any comments?

                1. re: c_snapper

                  I had a horrible experience at Over Easy several years ago. Hopefully they have changed since then, but the service was terrible and restaurant was poorly managed. And it was on my birthday...

                  1. re: merlot143

                    Sorry to say that it's only become worse. It used to be one of my favorite little neighbourhood brunch places - good food, good service...though there was always a wait if you got there anything other than *early*. Now the food is nothing to write home about and the service leaves a bit to be desired. Too bad as I love their bread...

                    Say - can anyone recommend a good brunch place in the Bay and Bloor area that won't break the bank? Other than Over Easy, the New York Diner and Bloor Street Diner? I used to just love Elipsis on College W. but it's long gone...

                    1. re: morrigan

                      If you head just north of Bloor on Bay you'll spy a place called Eggstacy. Definitely inexpensive and tasty.

                      1. re: xtal

                        I agree with xtal - Eggstacy is your best bet but it's not even close to the atmosphere of Ellipsis (I used to love it there!) - it's much more like Over Easy, but better food. There are also a few brunch items at Pusateri's - you can grab a bacon and egg bagel or peameal sandwich or croissant or omelette. I wouldn't recommend it if you're more than 2 people as it's pretty tight seating - nicer in the summer when there are tables outside. Enjoy!

                      2. re: morrigan

                        There's also Flo's Diner in Yorkville. It is cheap - relative to its neighbours, that is.

                        1. re: morrigan

                          We like Cantina, on Avenue Rd just south of Davenport. Not exactly right at Bay and Bloor, but a nice walking distance. L'Unita has a sign in their window saying brunch is "coming"... but it's been there over a month and no brunch yet

                    2. re: rbc

                      The one and only time we went to Over Easy it was rather greasy. They have a large menu but you have to do a lot of arm waving to get any attention.

                    3. Amore gets rave reviews.
                      2425 Yonge Street -- (416) 322-6184 –
                      Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Prices are stiff though. Has anyone been there? Any comments?

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                      1. re: chouchou

                        I like Maggie's on College at Bathurst, nice food, good service and reasonable prices.