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Jan 5, 2008 10:12 AM

Calgary - Noodle King is back!

I haven't seen this on the board yet, so I thought I'd give everyone a heads up.

Noodle King, which used to be on 17th Ave, has reopened in the NE. We happened to be driving around one night and saw the sign, so of course we had to go see if it was really the same one. And indeed it is. Apparently the lease renewal was up, and it was set to double so they decided to find a new location. They've been open about a month.

So without further ado, here's the new address:

#119 2323 32 Ave NE

It's around the corner in the same parking lot as Thai Boat.

Noodle King was always high on my list of Places to go for Noodle Soup so I was disappointed last year to see that their "renovations" ended up turning into a different restaurant. But no more tears need be shed!

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  1. Great. Thanks for getting my hopes up. It might as well be in Saskatoon given how often I am in that area... which is basically never. The great thing about Noodle King for me was its food and its convenience since I live a block from its former location.

    Noodle King already had its sister resto in the SE, Noodle World, so it was never gone if you look at it that way. What's gone forever now is its convenience for me and I can't see going there, ever. Maybe once every few years, maybe.

    Sorry for sounding bitter but for me this is just not good news at all.

    1. Thanks for the great news! we will head over there tomorrow :o)

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        A bump to this one.....I work about a block and half away, and have been an avid fan of Noodle King since it opened. Best Satay Beef soup in town, hands down. With the decline of originallity in the Thai Boat Buffet menu, its a welcome addition to the area!!!!

        1. re: RodVito

          Pardon my ignorance, is this a Vietnamese restaurant?

          1. re: makan2

            Replying to my own post from so long ago...I tried Noodle King and I've already been there twice in 2 weeks!! Love the Beef Satay Soup!!

            They also have great imprerial spring rolls - with taro. Delicious!

            Another soup to try is the Cambodian noodle soup - comes with tender cooked pork liver. For the foodie who is adventurous. For me, it's heaven.