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Jan 5, 2008 10:02 AM

quick decent lunch place in Essex, CT w/ kids?

Hi - does anyone have any suggestions for a place for lunch in or around Essex, CT? A bit north up route 9 would be okay, too, or somewhere off 95 in either direction. A good diner would be great. Am meeting my mother - coming from the Danbury area - from Providence for lunch w/ 2 of my small kids, just want to find somewhere in the middle. This is tomorrow, so somewhere that is open on Sunday. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Try Pat's Kountry Kitchen on Rt. 156 in nearby Old Saybrook. Kid friendly and a fairly large menu including late brunch items. They are best known for their calm hash.

    Another option is the diner on rt 1 in Old Saybrook.

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      Just got back from Pat's Kountry Kitchen and it was ideal for our needs. The kids gobbled down pancakes and I had the clam hash (which was also fairly calm! nice, not too clammy) and scrambled eggs. Big place, easy to sit down, fast food, delicious, just about midway between Providence and Danbury driving-distance-wise and overall, our new designated meet-you-in-the-middle spot.

      Not that we minded but we only had the breakfast menu from which to choose. Pat's closes at 12:30 for breakfast and reopens at 2 for lunch/dinner.