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Jan 5, 2008 09:58 AM

Why is Russo's so crazy?

OK, this is a first for me - dropped by Russo's today after lunch at Taqueria El Amigo (that place is INCREDIBLE, by the way - the tacos de cabeza are to die for). Been going to Russo's for years and it's always busy, but nothing like today -- absolutely PACKED, new parking lot opened on the side, even the parking lot in back was completely full -- lines running halfway to the back of the store, impossible to get around.

Any idea why this place is suddenly so insane? Did they get a writeup somewhere?

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  1. Suddenly? That sounds like a typical early weekend afternoon at Russo's to me! I always try to time my weekend Russo's visits to either early morning or mid-afternoon -- it's a zoo from about 11 to 2, invariably.

    My suspicion is that everyone needs to stock up after the holidays. We could stand to go ourselves, actually, but I'm feeling too lazy to make the trek, especially after this dispatch.

    1. That is the normal weekend, especially afternoon on Saturday.

      1. Because we keep talking about it.....

        1. If possible, go early or late on the weekends..... or during the week.

          1. Don't complain - the reason it is so popular is that just about all the stuff they carry is always fresh due to the quick turnover, and that's due to the crowds, so it's like a chicken vs. egg thing. Btw, their panini lunch sandwiches are great, if you're there at lunchtime take advantage.