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Jan 5, 2008 09:58 AM

any good bakeries in hell's kitchen?

I want to pick up a birthday cake before our dinner at Daisy May's. Thanks.

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  1. The Little Pie Company on 43rd between 9th and 10th.

      1. Neither of these two suggestions sells traditional birthday cakes. Amy's does have a variety of layer cakes. Acc. to their website, where you can see the list, they prefer that orders for whole cakes be placed in advance though they do take same day orders. They will also inscribe them. It's getting kind of late in the day, so I suggest you call asap.

        Edited to add: Another option is to get a cheesecake from Junior's, on 45th St., b/t B;way & 8th. Certainly would gild the cholesterol lily after a pig roast at Daisy May's! lol

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          While they may not be "traditional" in the sense that RGR suggests, the cakes at Little Pie Company are fantastic. The most traditional of the lot include a traditional yellow cake with chocolate icing and a old fashion chocolate cake (belgian chocolate and cocoa). Calling ahead is always recommended. Good luck!!!

          1. re: kiworan79

            Little Pie Company's yellow cake with chocolate icing is my favorite cake in the city. It will be the perfect ending to dinner at Daisy May's. It's also conveniently nearby.

          2. re: RGR

            Amy's. Every time.

            For me, layer cakes are traditional birthday cakes though.



          3. There is also the cupcake cafe, which is on 9th right across from Port Authority. While I'm not sure if you have to call ahead for cakes, they do have wonderfully decorated cupcakes. It's between 39th and 40th.

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              While the cupcakes are very pretty at Cupcake Cafe, I'm not a fan. The cake is pretty dry and they use buttercream that is too buttery....if that makes sense!