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Jan 5, 2008 08:58 AM

Unusual celebration ideas

A friend and I will be going out for a celebratory dinner soon and I'm trying to think of ideas that will make for a special dinner -- other than just going to a more expensive restaurant than we'd usually go to. We've been to many of the high end spots in town and enjoy doing the that, but I'd like to do something different this time.

For example, one idea I had was to hit one of our favourite Indian buffet restaurants and order a la carte for a change to try some new dishes. I also thought about trying a new kind of cuisine, but can't think of any that we haven't tried. (We're both pretty adventurous.)

What other ideas do you hounds have for giving ourselves a treat? What do you do when you want to make dinner out special?

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  1. A number of years back, my partner and I decided to eschew higher end places for our anniversary and instead decided to do a "mobile dinner". So we basically roamed a specific area (in our case it was the Yorkvilla and Annex areas) having different parts of our meals at different restaurants/eateries, between window shopping and actual shopping. For example, we wandered around Yorkville and started with drinks at the Park Hyatt, shared a ham and cheese crepe from Crepes-A-Go-Go (at its old location), roamed to New Generation and ordered some hand rolls, and so on. In between the food, we checked out places like the music store on St. Thomas, the great arts book store on Markham, etc. We were totally stuffed by the end but it was fun. It takes quite a bit of time and I'm not sure January is the best time to be doing something like this. But perhaps if you were to limit the area you covered, it would be doable? Or if you were to come up with a theme, like "subterranean haunts" and then go to the House on Parliament, Chinese Traditional Buns, etc.? Anyway, hope that helps.

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      That sounds like fun. And if the weather stays mild like today we could definitely do it. Also, thanks for mentioning drinks at the Park Hyatt. That's one thing I've meant to do for a while and never got around to. Sounds like a good way to start, regardless of where we do dinner.

    2. I just enjoyed a really tasty meal at Dukem on the Danforth for Ethiopian. It's not fancy, but the food was very good.

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      1. Mike - where would you go for a non-fancy but special dinner? Any favourites you can recommend?

      2. Ate at Sidhartha on Gerrard the other night and as you mentioned, we ordered from the menu. It was outstanding...I will never eat buffet there again. The waiter told us they use better meat for the menu where they can control costs.

        My usual spot for indian buffet is the Sidhartha location at King/Bathurst. I will test their menu items later this week and report back as I know there are others on here who have become bored/suspect with the buffet.

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        1. re: deelicious

          Interesting. I've only had the buffet there (it's the only place I do eat the buffet). I will have to try a la carte next time.

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            I hope they offer it at King! The waiter said they 'should'. We had the Chicken Tikka, Naan, Basmati rice, and a roasted eggplant dish - Bangan Bhurta made spicy.

            The waiter said they use white meat for this dish and butter chicken etc whereas on the buffet it is only dark meat.

            1. re: deelicious

              Interesting. Sounds promising. It would be great if they do at the King street one, but I usually go to the one on Gerrard, so I will definitely check it out.

              1. re: pescatarian

                One thing to note...the Tikka is delivered sizzling on iron - the onions get crisper and crisper as it sits. if you dont like well done onions - on the char side - I recommend you get them on your plate when they reach the doneness you prefer. We ordered Tandoori but the waiter suggested we switch to Tikka - glad we did!

                Great service by the way!

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                    I ordered the tandoori platter at Siddhartha (Gerrard) once and it was really good. That's actually what I was thinking about when I mentioned ordering a la carte instead of buffet. Now I'm dying to try the Tikka and see if it's even better.

                    Thanks for the Dukem suggestion, pescatarian. Not sure I want Ethiopian though. Much as I love the stews, etc. I've never developed a taste for injera. I'll keep working on that, but perhaps not for the celebration dinner. :)