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Jan 5, 2008 08:37 AM

All you can eat Korean BBQ buffet in DFW?

I'm from southern california and there is a plethora of all you can eat korean bbq joints there. I haven't been able to find any in the dfw area since moving here. Can anyone help me out with the name / location of one? I'm in frisco but I'm willing to drive for it.

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  1. found one.

    Korea Bistro & Sura
    (972) 243-5656
    2240 Royal Ln
    Dallas, TX Map

    I'll be there tonight with my wife, probably from 6-8. look for the 6' white guy with a blue baseball cap with a 90# asian wife :). don't be shy to say hi, i should be right friendly after getting into some Sojou hehe


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      Did you go? Was it actually a buffet?

    2. snow mountain is the only korean buffet i kinow of...

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        Snow Mountain stopped doing their buffet actually.

      2. i did go. It was nothing like the buffet places in Southern California but it wasn't terrible.

        a selection of 8-10 kimchi dishes, 8-10 sides, and 8-10 different meat dishes. the short ribs, bulogi, and rib-tips were very good. the rest were .. just ok.

        it's a small selection for sure. he waitress didnt even blink when she saw how much we ate. my wife is 90#, i'm 185# and we probably ate.. 12-15 pounds of meat.

        i miss Buffet Land. http://www.japaneserestaurantinfo.com...
        while certainly not the best food, it has enough variety to keep you going for hours.

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          Tucciim, what you're looking for looks more like Sumo (Chinese, Korean and Japanese) and Todai (Japanese) in SoCal.

          We're looking for a place like this--Korean BBQ only so Korea BBQ & Sura might do fur us.

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            oh ya i loved todai! I just like the korean bbq but my wife loves sushi so buffet places that have it all are nice.

            when you walk into sura, tell them you want the buffet as it is upstairs and downstairs is the regular bbq.

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              For those of you who don't know where Sura is.....same shopping center as Ko-Mart (back left corner) on Royal, west of I-35/Stemmons