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Jan 5, 2008 08:21 AM

Top-notch Thai or Malaysian in Toronto?

My brother's birthday is coming up, and he wants Thai or Malaysian. I'm not familiar with these restaurants (I prefer continental cuisine). Any recommendations? He wants inexpensive (probably because we're treating him), but I'd like upscale, if possible.

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  1. Hi,

    Not the most authentic Thai food, but the environment is nice and in the upscale category you are looking for - perfect for a birthday:

    Circle Thai on Yonge (and St. Clair).

    a good Thai restaurant in the city is Thai Basil on Bloor (and Spadina


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    1. re: aroydi

      Be warned: Thai Basil, unlike most Thai restaurants, uses MSG. Seeing as Thai food is naturally tremendously flavourful, this, IMO, is generally a sign of shortcomings in the kitchen.

      I have to agree with Googs and DDD. If I'm going out for Thai, the only place I'll consider in the city is Mengrai Thai, and Matahari Grill offers up fabulous Malaysian. Two of my favourite Toronto restaurants.

    2. I quite like Mengrai Thai at Richmond & Ontario for the food and the room.

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      1. re: Googs

        Matahari Grill on Baldwin has very good, somewhat upper scale Malaysian

      2. Mengrai is probably a good combination of upscale and affordable--unless you want to go ultra-chic and go for something like Lemongrass or Riz on Bayview. Unfortunately, the prices at the two latter are probably higher than at Mengrai, and they won't be as good.

        Does location make a difference to you?

        How many will there be in your group? At Mengrai, there is a great little alcove with tables surrounded by comfy Thai-style "sofas". It seats about eight or so. You could probably reserve that space, if you decided to eat there.

        1. Matahari Grill on Baldwin will do the trick quite well for Malaysian - it's a little more upscale upscale, but has a good menu, and the alternatives that I'm aware of are too casual - Gourmet Garden in Scarborough which has good food but is a greasy spoon, and Lion City in Mississauga (Singaporean food, but very similar to Malaysian).

          Bangkok Garden on Elm Street is very good but way too pricey ($20 for a dish of green curry, come on now!) since they revamped their menu a few years ago and ruined a good thing. Nothing in my opinion really qualifies as a really good Thai restaurant in comparison if we're talking 'top notch'.

          1. hi! try RESTORAN MALAYSIA on 815 Major Mackenzie Drive East
            Richmond Hill, Ontario 905-508-1432. By far, it's the best Malaysian/Singaporean I've tried.

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            1. re: burberry

              I defintiely second Restoran malaysia in richmond hill.