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Jan 5, 2008 07:39 AM

Simple Cheese Enchilada - Baltimore

I am on the hunt for simple tasty cheese enchiladas in Baltimore. My standard is El Salto, but sometimes it is just too much effort to go all the way north or to Glen Burnie. The cheese is nice and gooey and salty, and the sauce could probably be spicier, but goes well with the cheese and tortillas.

It would also be nice if they allow you to order a la carte - 3 cheese enchilada WITHOUT rice and beans (which is way too much food for me). And I have a pet peeve about charging more than $10 for 2 cheese enchilada (like Austin Grill, for example - so I haven't tried them there, but if someone said they were good, I might break down). I know I am being picky, but would still appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. definately worth ordering at austin grill. tho i don't eat there often, i can't bring myself to try anything else there as mex. food typically is not to exciting. the enchiladas are satisfying and delicious, and tho a bit pricey, worth it. go for it!

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      Austin Grill is pretty good..agreed though they are expensive (for example; I had steak fajitas there which where like $20 for maybe 6 small pieces of fajita-style sliced meat and a gezunta portion of onions/pepers underneath with a very puny side of good mashed potatoes) but it was tasty nonethless. sometimes has Gift Certificates though..

    2. I'd go to Carolina's Tex-Mex on Broadway. I think they are served on a platter, but they are accomodating there, and speak enough English (if you don't speak enough Spanish) to explain what you're looking for. And, I think that there's almost no way that it would come close to $10.

      1. You know that there is also an El Salto at Perring and Joppa?

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          > You know that there is also an El Salto at Perring and Joppa?

          I think that's what he or she was referring to when he or she said "go all the way north".

        2. I have always liked the cheese enchiladas at Nacho Mamas and you have your choice of Verde, Rojo or Mole sauce.