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Good Breakfast in Germantown/Gaithersburg

I am looking for a good place to go for Breakfast in the Germantown/Gaithersburg area. Can anyone help? I know about Woodside Deli, Village Green, Bob Evans and IHOP. What else is there? I don't mean coffee shops, BTW. I mean places for a meal, not just a bagel, pastry or breakfast sandwich. Also, can someone please update me on the food/experience at the Village Green? The last time I went it was good CHEAP eats, but not really GOOD eats. Thanks in advance!

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  1. French Quarter in Germantown has a good Sunday brunch. http://www.thefrenchquartercafe.com/

    There's also a Dutch/Amish Market in Germantown (on Great Seneca Hwy) with a small eatery that serves a decent home-style breakfast.

    And, if you're in the mood, crepes for breakfast at Crepes-a-Go-Go in Kentlands in Gaithersburg.

      1. Star Diner in Kentlands is okay. Not that I'm recommending it, but there is also a Silver Diner in Lakeforest Mall.

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          Hasn't Lakeforest Mall turned into a dump?

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            I don't know. I haven't been there in a few years out of fear of getting shot. ;o)

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              yes, it's nearly empty inside, whatever real estate company owns it ought to think hard about tearing it down and repurposing the land...

              the amish diner inside the market in Germantown is the best place for breakfast but it's open only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I guess nobody around here eats bacon and eggs or, dare I suggest it, scrapple.

              First Watch in Rockville Town Center would be the place to go if you would include Rockville as well as G/G

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                Thanks for the rec, jkosnett. I haven't heard of First Watch. I will give it a try!

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                  Reporting back on First Watch... Good, good prices. Great blueberry muffins. Not worth the wait though!

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                Thanks! We like Star Diner but it is always so cold there! They have great healthy choices for breakfast and are one of the few restaurants that will give you skim milk for your coffee. We like Silver Diner as well, but as you say, the mall is not a fun place to go anymore.

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                    Where is the Eggspection in Rockville? Did you mean Silver Spring?

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                      Eggspectation is in Silver Spring, not Rockville. And it offers a completely mediocre breakfast, as does First Watch in Rockville. Broadway Diner, fronting Wintergreen Plaza on Rockville Pike, is your best bet for breakfast.

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                        Yes, I was also unimpressed with First Watch. I haven't been to Broadway Diner yet -- thanks for the tip!

              3. There used to be a place in Germantown, on Middle Brook, in near the Giant that's across from the Safeway. It had Wood in its name, like Woodmont Deli or something. They had good breakfasts, but it's been a few years since I've been - not sure it still exists.

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                  Woodside Deli in Germantown in the shopping Center off of Middlebrook Road in Gtown.

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                    Yeah, thanks - that's the one. Still there? Still good?

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                      There used to be Woodside Deli next to Congressional Plaza in Rockville.
                      Is the G'town location the same folks?

                  2. I don't know what you mean by "really good". Village Green was always decent. Where else can you get a gyro omelette? Also like the lunch counter at the drug store downtown, catty corner from the old train station.

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                      Thanks flavrmeistr. I will check out the lunch counter in old town. We went to Village Green today. Cheap eats and you get more than you pay for. I'm not saying it wasn't a greasy spoon... but I had a perfectly cooked poached egg and the pancakes were great(and huge). Definitely staying on my list.

                    2. Nothing's better, or cheaper than the Amish market. Remember that they are only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

                      BTW - the French Quarter has been closed since at least Father's Day and there is a for lease sign in the window.

                      There's an Italian place where the Lone Star Steak house used to be that has a reasonably good buffet, we often like to go to the various Marriott Hotels for breakfast buffet as well. The Marriot at the Rio has a buffet every morning. Omelets are good, everything else is pretty standard.

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                        Too bad about French Quarter. Didn't they have a second location? Is that also closed (if there was one)?

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                          Oh, no, I didn't notice the "for lease" sign at the French Quarter ! One of the signs in their window says "closed for remodeling". I hope that's true! But in any case they were no longer serving brunch on weekends -- sniff!

                          Louisiana Express and French Quarter were (are?) owned by the same family. I heard somewhere that LA Express had closed some time ago.

                      2. Brooklyn Deli on Darnestown Road has a good breakfast.... crowded, newyorky feel. They have excellent corn beef made on premise.

                        Woodside is a good standby. Definitely skip Star Diner in Kentlands, overpriced, marginal service, food of last resort.

                        Crepes are good at Crepes a Go Go in Kentlands.

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                          Hey, eyeballs, I went to Brooklyns yesterday best on your recommendation -- thanks! Had a wonderful sandwich. The service is so friendly -- I thought I was in another state. Will definitely go back for breakfast.

                          Thanks again for the tip!

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                            Thanks for the rec on Brooklyn Deli. Sounds good. Can you tell me more specifics on the location? Not sure I can picture where on Darnestown road that would be. Thanks!

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                              Shopping center at Intersection of Darnestown Road and Travilah... just before the intersection where Darnestown/Key West. There is a Burger King fronting the road. Oh, do try the corned beef, my fave is the Roger Dodger and they have great onion rings too.

                          2. Just resurrecting this thread to see if opinions have changed at all. The trouble with my meal planning is going to be the multiple vegetarians in the group. I plan to stop at the inferior-to-Dutch-Country Lancaster Market on the way so I can snag a pretzel log, but I'm having trouble finding something good for a Sat morning.

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                              Brooklyn Deli still has great breakfasts. You can eat vegetarian there quite easily. The Star Diner in the Kentlands is not going to knock your socks off, but it's good enough.

                              Star Diner
                              705 Center Point Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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                                It's a bit of a drive (25-30min from Germantown) but Home at Braddock Inn is quite good and the prices are low. They also have some skillet specials that aren't on the website. I can't understand why people wait in line at Cracker Barrel when there is a good local mom-n-pop type place so closeby!

                                Its not a foodie place, but Lunch/Dinner is good too. Diner-style food but in a nicer setting.


                                Braddock Inn
                                4830 Schley Avenue, Frederick, MD 21714

                              2. Do try "The Original Pancake House" on the west side of Rockville Pike just north of Montrose road.

                                Original Pancake House
                                12224 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

                                1. Ok,

                                  Current info that I can impart:


                                  - Woodside Deli (Ok, could use an remodel/cleaning)
                                  - iHOP (It's and iHop, and not the best iHop)
                                  - Panera Bread (pastries and the like -ok)
                                  - Dunkin Donuts
                                  - The Dutch Market
                                  - Bob Evans


                                  - Star Diner (Lakeforest Mall, opens at like 8:30AM - ok)

                                  A note on a prior post: The diner is fine, but we did show up one weekend at their were 4 police crusiers outside. I pulled up to one of them and ask what was up: "A new shoe is being released and we're here to keep an eye out." [e.g. order] - whoa

                                  Kentlands / (Gaithersburg)

                                  - Starbucks
                                  - Star Diner (not really good / Silver Diner needs to buy it)
                                  - Whole Foods (breakfast bar, which is nice)
                                  - Panera Bread

                                  Washingtonian Plaza Area / (Gaithersburg)

                                  - Starbucks
                                  - Hilton for brunch
                                  - Corner Bakery
                                  - (They are also building a ton of new places across the street, so keep an eye out - the Starbucks is here)


                                  - Original Pancake House (ok)
                                  - Silver Diner (decent, service sucks if you get there early [6:30-7:30AM], the wait staff is usually talking and disappearing... still the food is decent)
                                  - Founding Farmers (good)
                                  - Blacks Market (good, more of a warm place)
                                  - First Watch (ok, I agree, probably not worth the wait)

                                  (...and others I haven't been to.)

                                  I have to say that in New Jersey, and I'm still glad we moved, breakfast was not hard to find. In Germantown itself, the options are horrible. If you live close to the border, nearer the Kentlands, then you are within driving distance of Rockville and many more options. However, many of those opens are lack-luster as well.