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Jan 5, 2008 06:43 AM

Anson Mills Grits Where to?

Does anyone know where you can buy Anson Mills Grits retail in the NYC metro area?

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  1. Try Whole Foods. They might have it.

    Contact info for Anson:

    1. Whole Foods does not (I was just there looking myself, haha). At least not the Chelsea one, which admittedly is much smaller than the others.

      Dean & Deluca does for sure. I've got my hopes up for Williams Sonoma.

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      1. re: Juniorpony

        Any idea what the price is at Dean and Deluca? Could be that paying shipping is cheaper, though I hate to have to order so much at once with my pint-sized nyc apartment freezer...

          1. re: maggiej

            Checked this out yesterday. Murray's apparently hasn't sold them for about a year. Dean and Deluca on Broadway doesn't have them either.

            Any other ideas?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I ordered mine online from their website and got them a few days later. Admittedly the shipping is almost as much as the product. got the grits, also got their corn meal and their polenta. Made a fabulous cornbread with their corn meal, out of the Angelica Home Kitchen cookbook. made the grits and actually ended up cooking them about an hour total, since they are very coarse. Next time I make the cornbread, am going to incorporate some of the cooked grits into the batter. Great mill. they also have on their wholesale side, a masa mix for making your own organic masa in order to make tortillas. might be the answer to all of our NYC fresh masa cravings.

          1. Bumping this thread. I'd also love to find a place to buy Anson Mills grits, and their grains in general (I'd especially love to try their 00 pasta flour)...would also be great to find it in bulk.

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            1. re: treestonerivershrub

              I have been wanting to try their products for some time and you post reminded me, so I e-mailed them and here is their answer:

              Hello and thanks for supporting Anson Mills.

              We have no retailers in NYC because our products are perishable and must be "displayed" in a frozen case... along with ice cream I would think... totally un-intuitive as a retail shelf item normally slotted as "Dry Goods" for shelf stable display in ambient open conditions. So, we recommend, click Retail Products and order away.

              We're looking forward to milling for you.

              Best, Glenn Roberts, Anson Mills

              1. re: EM23

                So interesting...That is really too bad...

                I really believe there must be smaller, specialty grocers that would be willing to take this risk, and make an effort to tell customers about the product...Yes I could see this getting lost at a Whole Foods, but not at a one-room shop where you can't help but talking to someone and also you end up looking at everything in the store...

                1. re: treestonerivershrub

                  It is a shame because their products are supposed to be really good. I was just reading some other threads on here and in one, a poster figured that, with shipping, the cost for grits was about $12/lb - ouch! Another posted that their products are sold retail in some stores in Columbia, SC - so if you are ever passing through:-)

                  1. re: EM23

                    Whew, 12/lb...that isn't cheap

                    But definitely good to know about it being sold in some shops in SC...just in's not that far away! Thanks for the tip