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Sherry Vinegar: Why Can't I Find Any?

I've come across several recipes lately which call for sherry vinegar, but I can't find it in stores. I've tried several groceries, gourmet markets, Whole Foods, etc.

Is it just me? I thought sherry vinegar was pretty common.

Where do you buy it? What is an acceptable substitute?

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  1. I couldn't find it either. We eventually got a shop that sells high end Olive Oils and Vinegars and they had it. Problem is I can't remember what recipe I needed it for.

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      Hi Eric: I've had the same problem. I finally started copying the recipe first, then making a separate shopping list, and keeping the recipes on my refrigerator with a magnet. And this works.

      I suppose we've all done this at some point.

      Mark S. from Detroit, MI

    2. We love sherry vinegar. Last time we went to a Portuguese restaurant in Newark (we live in Jersey) we raved so much about the sherry vinegar on our salads that our waiter ended up gifting a small bottle to us. Sherry vinegar is dark and more acidic (wine vinegars tend to be), so I really can't comment on a good substitute. I guess if you are looking at adding a small amount just to brighten a dish you could substitute another wine vinegar, like red wine.

      I believe that the last time we purchased it, we did so at Wegmans. There are two good websites you can purchase it from http://tienda.com or from http://igourmet.com.

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        kolachman, if you aare in the Red Bank area of NJ check out Carter & Cavero:


        Outrageous oils and vinegars. That's where I got my Sherry. We also bought a bottle of Pomegrante Balsamic.

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          Eric-I am in Princeton, but always willing to travel for good eats. thanks for the tip.

      2. They care sherry vinegar at the Stop and Shop in Watchung....at least they did a year ago when I bought some there.

        1. Whole Foods knows about it, see Whole Foods site for discussion of vinegars. The nearest place I found with a brick and mortar store was 100 miles from you in Cincinnati, not very practical. Multiple net sites for ordering but one person says she just uses sherry instead. Perhaps you might try sherry and some other vinegar in combination.

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          1. re: wolfe

            We drive to Cincinnati periodically--which store has it?

            1. re: mamaciita

              Sur Le Table
              Rookwood Commons - Cincinnati,OH
              2673 Edmondson Road
              Cincinnati, OH 45209

          2. Do you have a Fresh Market? I'm pretty sure I saw some there recently.

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              Fresh Market
              KY, Louisville
              10480 Shelbyville Road
              502 244 1844
              However, their net site shows several interesting vinegars but no sherry.

            2. Mamaciita, sherry vinegar does not always have the word "sherry" on the bottle. Look for the words "vinagre de Jerez."

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              1. re: E.D. Bell

                Yes - I wonder if that might be the issue. Usually WF's has a couple of varieties - both here in Manhattan and at the one in Minneapolis.

              2. Williams Sonoma also carries it.

                1. They seem to have it in every supermarket I go into!

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                  1. Mamaciita, if you drive to Cincinnati on occasion, stop in at Jungle Jim's. They have a wide variety of sherry vinegars and just about every other variety of vinegar you can imagine. My parents make a pilgrimage from Lexington, KY once or twice a year. I used to laugh at them for getting so excited about a grocery store, but after visiting myself, I completely understand. :)

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                    1. re: cimui

                      I realize this thread is a year old, but WOW, I love Jungle Jim's, too. Go shopping there whenever I get up north to visit my brother.

                    2. Depending on where you live, if you have Dregers or Lunardi's you can get it there. I'm sure if you google Sherry Vinegar you can get it on line as well. Good luck...

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                      1. re: coorltlady

                        Mamaciita lives in Louisville Kentucky according to the profile.

                      2. Don't know if you have a Trader Joe's in the area, but I've seen it there.
                        There is Spanish Table. Maybe you can order online from them.

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                        1. re: achefsbest

                          Zingermans .com has an excellent selection of Sherry Vinegars

                        2. kinda hard to find in my neighborhood. Most of the grocery stores have every flavor of balsamic vinegar but no sherry. I found one brand at a health food store near by but the big 3 grocery chains don't seem to carry it.

                          1. this reminds me of when I was living on the edge of the Tenderloin in SF in the late 90's there was a deeply scary store that was covered in dust and a distinctly bad odor coming from the cold cut case, but it was also sort of fascinating and once I found about 6 bottles of imported sherry vinegar that been aging there since the Ford administration for less than $2 a bottle. wow that stuff was good.

                            1. Late to the party, but I use O Olive Oil's Sherry Vinegar. You can find it at most upscale grocers or even easier, go to their website and order it. Yummy!