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Apr 12, 2001 12:05 PM

moules frites

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Does anyone have recommendations for moules frites? I've been disappointed with versions at Le Petit Bistro and Cafe des Artistes, where as I recall they've seemed more like appetizers than the big deep bowls of garlicky dozens that I'm looking for. Far Niente in Glendale has a surprisingly good moules frites but I'd like to know more.

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  1. I've been very happy with both the moules and the frites at Bouchon on Melrose.

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    1. re: jerome

      We had just that exact combo at Bouchon last night, and it was an overall mediocre experience. Fries were a bit shy of being perfectly done and the moules had too much of a fishy tang. A given I know, but it was a bit much. Perhaps now's not the best season? The mustard chicken breast was tender yet drenched in gloupy sauce. The fruit dessert plate, served with a mini chocolate fondue pot, included fruits that clearly do not mix well with semi-sweet chocolate, such as unripe mango and granny smith apple slices. Other than cost issues, the explanation as to why they skimp on bananas and strawberries, obviously much better choco-combos, eludes me.

      On the other hand, the prices are extremely reasonable, and my expectations should be so as well. I think I'm hyper critical now in light of the fact that I was in Paris so recently. Sigh... Despite my criticisms and annoyance with the cutesy Frenchy decor elements, above all I was thrilled to leave Bouchon without smelling like a burning cigarette. Considering the lack of options in the Melrose area I'm glad it's there. Let's hope for some improvement...

      1. re: Jessica Ritz

        A chef on the Good Food show this morning was talking about his revamping of My Father's Office beer bar in Santa Monica, and adding--starting Monday--a menu of Belgian-style moules frites and Spanish tapas. Which sounds peculiar, but you never know.

        1. re: Jessica Ritz

          To be fair, when I go to Bouchon I usually stick with the sausages and the heartier fare. The mussels I tasted were someone else's appetizer and they were fine to my taste. Also, I usually get potatoes there other than the frites. The galette was nice, I thought. It ain't Paris. It isn't even a divey little place in Grenoble. But I found it passable. It's not haute cuisine or even cuisine bourgeoise - just bistrot. The simpler the dish, the better, in this environment.