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Jan 5, 2008 06:06 AM

Birthday dinner near Rockport, TX

My parent are spending the winter in Rockport, and my mom's birthday is in a couple of weeks. We would like to treat them to dinner someplace nice (but not nice to the point they will be uncomfortable...I don't think they packed anything but jeans).

I've been told Charlotte Plummer's is the "nice" place they visit. Looking for any other suggestions in the area that might be a good choice.

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  1. Tony Legner's Culinary Productions (near downtown area) may be an option. Its hours of operation are limited and reservations are highly recommended. The website address is My husband and I dined there several months ago, and we were impressed. The restaurant lacks the view that Charlotte Plummer's offers and is much smaller, but your parents may enjoy a change of pace for a special occasion. By the way, it's BYOB if you so desire.

    1. Latitudes is the fanciest place in Rockport. Charlotte Plummer's has a nice view of the marina but only marginal food. Mostly fried items. AVOID the crabcakes, they are bland and overpriced.
      Hemmingway's is a great place for special occassions.

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      1. Last summer, our favorite place was a little Italian restaurant called Bellinis,owned by a youngish couple (he is Sicilian and the food was lighter than the typical American-Italian we seem to find in most parts of Texas). Hemingways was pretty good but we thought the food was fresher and more interesting at Bellinis. In previous visits, we thought Latitudes was overpriced for what we got, and that the food wasn't as good as everyone that worked there seemed to think it was.