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Jan 5, 2008 05:52 AM

Need reco for restos between Wall and Toms River

Ok, so my idea for the Pilot House flopped, what other restos can you Hounds come up with? We like to meet half way between those two towns. Everything but sushi and Chinese will do (They are picky, not us).

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. No help from me but I'll be paying attention. Our cousins live in Toms River and we can always use a good meeting place for dinner.

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      1. re: Pink Pepper

        Barbarella - I know you asked for a restaurant "between" wall and toms river, however my recommendation is in toms river proper - Bistro 44. As you may have read on this board, I'm a big fan of this small oasis in the culinary desert that is the toms river dining scene. Chef Eric is a true talent and I suggest you give his restaurant a try. Good Luck.

        1. re: bgut1

          Where is Bistro 44 and what is the cusine?

            1. re: BCjr

              It's really closer to Wall but people on here seem to really like the Shipwreck in Brielle. I have had some good meals there and some not so good meals. I think its a bit overpriced for what it is but I have been spoiled by frequent trips to Charleston SC for wonderful seafood. But I do think for this area you have a good chance of a getting a decent meal there. Here is a link:


              **edit** I was just reading reviews on the shipwreck and noticed you have already been!!! Scratch the above....

              Maybe the Marina Grille? Very average at best but a nice view and a decent place to go for drinks and appetizers. Unfortunately I can't think of anything in that range much above average.

              Apparently this place is getting some kind if redo, never been so I dont know if thats good or bad. Should have a nice view though.


      2. How about Villa Vittoria in Brick. Not super adventerous food, but solid good Italian. All the seafood dishes I have had there were very fresh. Atmosphere attempts to be a bit upscale, but people wear just about everything in there. They do have a liquor license.

        1. gee in the true world Wall and TR are so near..why not meet at a place equal distance, say west of you both and explore a new area? I drive from exit 63 to Exit 109 each day to work!

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            1. re: Barbarella

              For a good meal would it be OK to drive a few more miles?
              Then you could do Nicholas, Le Fandy, Drew's, Piccola, Whispers, Thyme Square, Vivas etc

              1. re: tom porc

                thanks but Nicholas, Le Fandy, Drew's and Thyme Square are really too far from Toms River for them. Need something half way.

                1. re: Barbarella

                  The only thing between Wall & Toms River is Rt. 70! I second Bistro 44 in TR....or what about Mexico Lindo in Brick?

                  1. re: stack_c

                    Unfortunately THEY do not like Mexican.

                    1. re: Barbarella

                      Barb - What's wrong with Bistro 44?

                      1. re: Barbarella

                        No mexican, Chinese or sushi!?? What a disaster! I'm throwing this one out there although I have never been nor do I know of anyone who has but what about Scarborough Fair in Wall? I was surprised to see that Clurfield did a review of it in teh APP (not great but not awful) just before Christmas. I have always driven by and wondered what kind of place it was. Seems like you don't have very adventurous dining companions so this may work. Be intersting for a CHOW to go!


                        1. re: stack_c

                          I had been there a some months ago and really liked it. I had some sort of salmon. But, I read that two months ago it changed hands and I did not care too much for the menu. Will wait to hear if others go there and reports from them first....

                          1. re: Barbarella

                            Harpoon Willies should be reopening soon. It's on the Brielle side of the Route 70 bridge, so a shorter drive for the folks in Wall. The view has always been quite nice, sitting on the river, and I have heard exciting things about the renovations.

                            Given the general consensus on this Board about the Shipwreck, you will be pleased to hear that the new ownership at Harpoons includes the owner of that restaurant.