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Jan 5, 2008 05:39 AM

Did I ruin my "Champagne"?


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  1. Sorry, I hit that dang enter before I finished my post.

    Hello all. I recently received 2 bottles of sparkling wine from friends and promptly put them into the coldest garage fridge thinking they would be consumed soon. Well now it has been up to a month for 1 (Heidsieck) and 2 weeks for the Mumm Cuvee. They were also stored in the door and I just read that is bad because of the constant movement. How bad will they be if I drink them? I know they aren't the most expensive out there but I would like to know if I completely ruined them. Thanks! BTW, I just plunged them back into the little wine fridge we have(not as cold and no movement) from reading previous comments on this board.

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        They should be fine. Compared to who knows what sort of storage and transportation conditions these bottles were subjected to before they arrived at the wine merchant, and then probably being stored standing up under fluorescent lights at the wine merchant, you're bottles have been babied since you got them.

      2. One fun way to find out--open them and taste!

        1. Thanks to all. My DH does not drink champagne so I am usually the one to open and finish the bottle....I hate to see it go to waste! Cheers!

          1. they are just fine, dont worry at all

            1. Well, I'm going to have to beg to differ with the rest of the posters here. Your champagne is, sad to say, irrevocably ruined. Please post your contact information, so I can arrange for pickup and proper 'disposal'.

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              1. re: Pincho

                HAHAHAHA.. Okay, LOL. You had me going there. I think I'll try it just to make sure before I send you my info. But really, my eyes were crossing and I was getting way too much info reading all the previous threads about champagne-I just wanted a straight answer. Thanks again. I will be enjoying some tonight just because.