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Jan 5, 2008 05:16 AM

Le Creuset from TJ Maxx and Marshals

They had a lot of Le Creuset before Christmas and it seemed like all the lids would wbble some if you pushed on one edge of the lid while it was on the pot. Is this the way they all are or do these have warped lids?

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  1. Check the Le Creuset at a better store, do they fit properly?
    Ours is very old, but seals well, no warp. You may want it to
    be able to seal for some uses.

    1. The stuff they sell in discount stores is the same as the stuff they sell in their outlet stores, which is to say it's flawed somehow. That said, I got a fantastic Le Creuset 5.5 qt dutch oven for $90, and the "flaw" is a tiny, insignificant chip in the enamel on the outside near the bottom. You can find perfectly fine seconded pieces if you're patient, and you'll save a ton - the flaw could be something as trivial as the inspector disliking the color, seriously. I'd steer clear of wobbly lids, though.

      1. There are a couple issues with these pans compared to the outlet ones.

        First, they do not keep them protected at marshals and tjmaxxx like they do at the outlet store. At the outlet store everything is carefully shelved and they put little rubber feet between the bottoms and the lids. At TJMaxx and Marshalls, it doesn't even appear like they are shipped to the store in the original packaging (as evidenced by the scratches on the tops of the lids and bottoms.

        Second, they do not carefully keep each pot with it's own lid at tTJMaxx or Marshalls. So if there are 3 blue 5.5qt dutch ovens, the original lid might not be on the original pot (remember that each pot and each lid is made specifically from one mold which is then destroyed after the cast each and every time a pot is made. So each lid should remain with the pot it was shipped with). They are careful to keep the pots and lids with their mates in the outlet store.

        I was tempted to buy a pot yesterday at marshalls. I really would like a 5.5 dutch oven but they were scratched up something fierce and I was concerned they wouldn't make a good seal since you can't be sure the right pot is with the lid mate.

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          try a homegoods

          i found that my local homegoods was a lot cleaner and more organized. The LC and All Clad they had were all in pretty good shape.

          Oh and my LC seals well, no lid wobble at all

          1. re: frank828

            I second HomeGoods. I had the same experience as Frank828