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Baking with Dorie Greenspan

I just picked up this classic to add to my collection. Everything looks and sounds really good. Just wondering, for those that have it, which recipes you recommend I try first. You know the ones you keep going back to, and everyone drools over and requests the recipe? Thanks

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  1. I love this book and have made quite a few things in the year since I bought it - but a really simple recipe that everyone loves is the Swedish Visiting Cake. And of course, World Peace Cookies - there are multiple threads on this board about those.

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      I love the Swedish Visiting Cake and have made it many times - if you knew me you'd be shocked as I don't usually do that! Everybody likes it.

    2. And, of course, check out her wonderful blog:


      She also frequently posts on Serious Eats ( http://www.seriouseats.com/ ) with recipes and commentary. She is a master!

      1. We did this (great!) book as cookbook of the past last December. You may want to check out the reviews.

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          I love this book. I had baked a lot out of it when I realized I had never made the cocoa buttermilk birthday cake. There is no picture and I had overlooked it. It was absolutely incredible. I am making it for my sister's birthday next weekend. It is a very homey comforting cake...

          I blogged about it here: http://porterhouse.typepad.com/porter...

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            I, too love her and this book. Thanks Aunt Jenny for directing me to her blog. I am going to bake this cake for my son's b-day next week! Becca, She could just attach your beautiful photo to her book! I am going to try to print it to put in my book. I am one who needs photos as well.

            Millygirl, I have made the blondies and peanutbutter oatmeal chipsters-both got rave reviews and requests for recipes. I am a little afraid to try the World Peace cookies haven read the thousands of reviews on this site-but I will try it someday.

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              Sold! I just may have to make this cake for my husband's birthday...looks great!

          2. Her Golden Brioche dough is a dream. Great bread, but also the basis for Bostock, terrific for breakfast and tea, and for her Pecan Honey Sticky Buns, which are not only the best I ever made, but the best I’ve ever eaten.

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              The Bostock!! How could I forget. I have made myself ill eating too much of it both times I have made the recipe.

            2. Three words: World Peace Cookies!!

              These bring out the cookie monster in me...

              Link to a thread and recipe for these:

              1. Here are some of my pictures from this book...

                Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart
                Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake with Hot Fudge Sauce and Candied Walnuts


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                  BTW-your blog is a wonderful read and a feast for the eyes. If I ever work up the confidence to try to bake bread-I know where to go...

                2. Don't miss the orange and blueberry muffins. They are fabulous.

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                    Thanks everyone for the input. I am planning to do some Dorie baking today. I think I'll start with the muffins. Need to lay off cookies for a bit...at least a week or two :) I'll report back later.

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                      I may have to make some of them to take into work on Thurs. They need no butter or jam served with them. They are buttery and fruity all on their own.

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                        Oh mi god, I'm in love with Dorie!!!! The orange berry muffins are in the oven as we speak and I just know they are going to be THE BEST muffins I have ever made. I love the detail she provides and they way in which it's written. I've already learned so much about technique. They look fantastic!!!! Thanks Candy for the req. I can see now this book and WW are not a good combination. Ah well, thankfully my hubby has a good appetite and his business partner will also appreciate my hobby.

                  2. I quite liked the allspice muffins. The ones with prunes and various other things including maple syrup are also yummy. The tarte tatin is easy and fabulous.

                    I found the blueberry plain cake to be okay but not the best.

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                      I just made the carrot spice muffins. They are wonderful, perfect blend of spice, and the coconuts adds a nice little crunch. Really really good with a.m. coffee. Now I am considering trying the world peace cookies next. Love this book!!

                    2. I love her almond scone recipe. Also, if you make the oatmeal PB chipsters, either use something like Skippy or add some extra salt with natural PB. And don't skimp on choc. chips.

                      1. I just received this book myself and you must try the Coffee-Break muffins. They are very flavorful, the perfect balance of sweetness with a hint of coffee and extremely moist. Furthermore they keep well and retain their moisture.

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                          Okay I finally made the World Peace cookies yesterday and OMG they are just as everyone described - FANTASTIC. Not to revive a whole new thread or anything but seriously I could not believe how addicting these could be. And I'm not a real big fan of chocolate to tell the truth - thankfully! But I can see me eating all of them. Very dangerous!!