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Apr 11, 2001 10:18 PM

Paradise Cove in Malibu?

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Read that this is one of the few places around LA that has beach access AND serves liqour. Any feedback on what this place is like?


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  1. Have a friend who used to go two or three times a year from the SFV. After it was bought by, (I think Bob Morris of Gladstones?), a new owner he tried it again. That was less than a year ago. Said that the prices had gone up and the quality had gone down to the point that he would not be back. This is all second hand because the last time I was there for a meal, (sand dabs and fies), the Rockford Files TV Show was still using its parking lot as a location shot for Jim Garners' title characters trailer/office.

    1. The beach at Paradise Cove is marvelous. There are tidepools, beds of surfgrass and old hippies wandering up the sand. During my single visit of two years ago I had the remarkable good fortune of coming across a fresh dolphin carcase. A gull was perched on the body, pulling tender strips off of the animal's lips.

      You have to pay to park your car there, which is unfortunate.