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Jan 5, 2008 12:47 AM

Curry leaves in the North Bay? Where?

Any help you can provide in finding these, I'd much appreciate.

East Bay, also.

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  1. Maybe Milan International on University in Berkeley

    I have only walked by this place never been inside-Westerley Coffee Tea & Spice

    Is Napa too far North because there is DEAN & DELUCA

    In SF Rainbow Grocery is nice all mostly organic and then the SF Herb Shop.

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    1. re: Lori SF

      I buy mine fresh from Milan in Berkeley and then freeze them. They do lost potency over time, but will last about 4-5 months before needing to be replaced.

    2. VIK's in Berkeley always has them. They are in the warehouse next to the chaat house, usually behind the register.

      1. Thailao market in Santa Rosa has had fresh curry leaves in the past, best to call ahead. There were a couple of Fijian-Indian grocers in Vallejo that might be worth contacting. Asia Gourmet in Santa Rosa is worth checking out.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I know for a fact that Asia Gourmet had them when I visited sometime in November. They also had Kaffir lime leaves as well, in the refrigerated case in the back.

          1. re: chocolateninja

            Is places broken? Trying to linktoplace again here. If it doesn't work:
            Asia Gourmet
            4100 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa
            (707) 537-6888

            Asia Gourmet
            4100 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa, CA

            1. re: chocolateninja

              Damn it! I needed some for some Indian dishes... and I meant to go visit our friends at Asia Gourmet... before I knew it I had mindless driven past it, and I stopped at Thailao instead... they had Coconut Vinegar for $1.25 (big homerun)... but the owner told me "No good, now" when I asked about Curry Leaves.

          2. I am always able to find them on the back wall of the produce section at Ranch 99 Supermarket in the Pacific East Mall in El Cerrito. I actually wrap individual portions in paper towels and then freezer bags to store--they keep well.

            1. You might try G&G on College Ave. in Santa Rosa - if they don't have them, they will order then for you. They have a diverse selection of international foods.