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Jan 4, 2008 10:41 PM

Best hole in the wall dining

What are some of your favoirte hole in the wall restaurants?

1.) I China Den in Malibu

2.) Bobbys in Woodland Hills ~ has great pancakes and the original 50's decor

3.) Moms BBQ House~ in Van Nuys on Van Owen. ~ I think that's what it's called.
Delicous soul food. Everything I have tasted there is delicious.

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  1. My current favorite is Toe Bang in Koreatown. That's not really a hole, though: it's a cave down a corridor off a cubby in a hole in the wall. So that's a hole in the wall in the sense that it's hidden.

    Here's a recent thead on exactly what you're looking for, though:

    1. I agree with Bobby's I love the breakfast special.

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        Do you think the food has changed at all since the latest owners have taken over? I know they have been there for a few years now but when I last went a couple of months ago, I thought perhaps the pancakes flavor changed some but wasn't sure if it was because allery season was at a high for me that day and I wondered if my taste buds may have been toying around with me because the texture seemed the same.

      2. El Katracho in Van Nuys

        Sabor A Mexico Culver City

        Rahel Ethiopian in West LA

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          Close to Sabor A Mexico I also like Gloria's Cafe (especially their carnitas dish that is really unusual and delicious: Carne Adobada -- Carnitas marinated overnight and topped with Gloria's Adobada Sauce) on Venice Blvd. Good food, good service and hard to spot (like a lot of the places are along that stretch of Venice) as you zoom by.

        2. Super Pollo in Costa Mesa

          Super Pollo
          1731 Superior Ave, Costa Mesa, CA