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Best Pancakes in the world--Hookset NH!

The lead article in this month's Saveur magazine is about Robie's Country Store in Hookset. First sentence: "the best pancakes I've ever eaten are the tender buttermilk pancakes at Robie's...etc". I thought this was a pretty bold statement. Has anybody tried them?

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  1. No, I always head to Parkers when I need a pancake fix. But I'll have to check this place out.

    1. I read that last night- the only time I buy Saveur is for the 100 list. I figure the writer must freelance for Saveur and be a political writer and ended up at Robie's on a different assignment. As for the pancakes- I haven't had them, but I plan on it this weekend! The only local pancakes I like are Julien's. Everything I've had at Robie's has been good- I live nearby and I love that they are there- it really is a town gathering spot.

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        Don't ya just love town gathering spots? Great character. Down in Lowell is the Owl Diner - you'll see the owner of the Spinners having breakfast, the City Manager at another table and a semi homeless getting out of the cold to warm/fill his belly - I love it, it's what it's all about. Everyone smiling and enjoying one of life's great gifts - food!

      2. Robie's makes a meaty sandwich- I love the vibe there

        1. We will have to give Robie's a try this weekend. Sounds like a great place to sit and shmooze with the locals.

          1. Well, we finally ended up at Robie's Country store in Hooksett for breakfast over the weekend. We were very impressed with the atmosphere and the food! We both had the farmer's breakfast for $6.99 which included 2 eggs, choice of sausage,ham or bacon, home fries, toast, choice of 2 crepes, pancakes, or french toast, and choice of corned beef hash or baked beans. All of the food came out on 4 plates it was so much. Best french toast I've had in a long time, VERY good red bliss potato home fries. Very casual setting...place was packed with locals in the know. On our way out, we noticed a huge block of Cabot cheddar cheese for sale by the pound. We had a hunk of that to go! Very satisfied!

            1. Add me to the list of satisfied Robie's customers. I went there for breakfast yesterday, and was very pleasantly please by not only the pancakes (where are now on my top-10 list), but the rest of my Farmer's breakfast was quite good as well: nicely crisped CBH, some good red bliss home fries, nice toast, perfectly scrambled eggs. All in all, a place I'm glad I found.

              I wrote a review at http://offbeateats.blogspot.com/2008/...

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                would anyone give me the address it 's worth a 40-45 min trip

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                    9 Riverside St, Hooksett, NH. It's just off the Hooksett exit from I-93.

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                      thanks so much Edinaeats and Kaszeta

                1. Umm,what about Polly's Pancake Parlor? 11 people have written and no one even gave it an honorable mention? I'm confused. I know Polly's at least rocks my face off. Seasonally, of course.

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                    For what it's worth, if you read the full review I linked above, I mentioned in that that while I liked Robie's, it was still no Polly's. :)

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                      ooh, i did miss that. my bad, my bad.

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                      I just went to Polly's for my first time. OMG I couldn't believe how delish these were. I got the corn and loved it the best. My son and Dad loved the plain. We got quite a mix to try: coconut, wheat, buckwheat, corn, plain and with mix in's too. The potatoes (homefries) were fantastic - sliced and sauteed in butter. It's too bad it's sooo way up there but anytime I'm in the neck, I won't miss it. Wow, and I'm not your pancake fan for breakfast. Their french toast with homemade bread looked awesome as did the waffles - Next time!!!!

                    3. I ate there today and was also happy. The eggs were delightful, the pancakes perfect, and the home fries were *fantastic*. Didn't find myself loving the beans, but alas. Would go back again.

                      1. I made it to Robie's for lunch yesterday and was very impressed. I love the ambiance of this place, there is soooo much to look at for famous pics, politicians, antiques, etc. The food was fantastic - hard to choose - they have a wonderful selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads and a special hot item too. I took my employee out to go over a new process so this was a great place to hang out. She got a wonderful/huge vegie wrap on spinach wrap. She could only eat half but loved it. I got a Greek Salad with Grilled Chix - mamouth!!! Very fresh vegies, loaded with red onion, tomatoes, feta cheese, calamata olives and chix. Can't wait to go back, they make their own hummus and I was torn between a Med. Wrap with their hummus but chose the salad route.

                        Great place, wonderful people - We spoke with the owner, she was very pleasant.

                        It's just off the highway, exit 11. Definately a new spot heading north for us.