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Jan 4, 2008 09:21 PM

Restaurant Openings - 2008

Bofinger just opened a second location. It's in DDO. It's at 3339 Sources. I hear it is already pretty busy.

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  1. Volver is an Argentine cultural cafe on av du Parc between St-Viateur and Bernard, on the west side of the street, down a half-flight of stairs: Friendly, welcoming place and cultural space. Coffee, Argentine croissants (more like a brioche), empanadas, vino etc. And mate of course.

    1. Has anyone heard anything about the M:Brgr on Drummond? The website said a mid-december open date? Anything?

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      1. re: dragon_phly

        I believe this is the casual version of Moishe's, from the same owners.

        1. re: swissfoodie

          What makes it more casual? I am intrigued since I like Moishe's but I could do without the "grownup" feel.

          1. re: carfreeinla

            It's a burger place. It hasn't opened yet.

            1. re: BLM

              It's a gourmet burger joint. Opening this Tuesday, January 15th.

              1. re: tocino.

                Let see if it does open on Tuesday(when I spoke with them last week, that's what they told me). Their opening has been delayed several times.

                1. re: BLM

                  I went to eat there today at lunchtime, and i must say it was quite good, i ate the Kobe beef burger (served with a truffle aioli) and added some goat cheese which made for an excellent hamburger. My colleagues had the sliders trio (made from the AAA beef) and the other one the Organic beef burger, all of them were excellent.

                  It's on the expensive side for a burger (we had 2 soft drink, 1 beer, the 3 burgers, fries and one desert) and the total cost was a little over a 100$

                  But i've been really impressed and will certainly go back.
                  It was something lacking in this city a gourmet burger place with a nice decor, almost loungy looking.

                  1. re: westaust

                    I assume they ask how well done you want your burger,as they grind their own meat?

                    1. re: moh

                      Don't assume these two things.

                      1. re: moh

                        they didn't asked how well done we wanted them, but all of them came perfectly cooked, not overcooked, not undercooked and still juicy.

                        As for grinding their own meat, i don't know, and didn't thought about asking them

                        1. re: westaust

                          Thanks for the info. I was wondering because in NYC we were asked how we wanted our burgers done. I am a huge fan of rare meat, but i have been told that ground beef should always be well done because of the risk of E. coli. (they mix meat from many cows, and your risk of bacteria increases).But if you grind your own beef from a single piece of meat, the risk is much less. I was hoping that if this is a gourmet place, it might be safe to ask for medium rare burgers instead of well-done.

                      2. re: westaust


                        Let me make sure I got this straight:

                        A burger, fries and a coke for $33.

                        While I can understand terms like "quite good" and "excellent," I can't quite wrap my head around a $30 hamburger. Even if they grind their own meat...

                        1. re: zekesgallery

                          I think you can eat there for cheaper. Maybe the Kobe beef burger put it over the top, but the rest of the menu isn't cheap.

                          You can check out the menu on their website:

                        2. re: westaust

                          Tried their 'AAA' burger tonight(Thursday) as a test. Yeah, it was very good(their toppings that I tried, also very good). And yes, they grind their own meat(I did ask). I would need to doublecheck, if they actually grind their own kobe beef. It's a bit expensive to dine there(for a burger joint), but it was worth it. Was there at 7pm, & it was packed(lots of diners & they have a very big staff).

            2. Looks like Kitchenette, the restaurant that took over the space left by La Loïe, is open for business. Maybe I'll go check it out in the coming days and do a little write-up.

              1. The original comment has been removed
                1. Pho Vietnam opening up in the old Pho Bang New York spot on St. Laurent at Viger.
                  Think already posted this but Santangelo's second branch on de Maisonneuve near Aylmer and The Bay (in front of The Crack in the Street)
                  New bakery shop and Vietnamese/Thai resto on de la Gauchetiere at St. Urbain in front of the Beijing