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Jan 4, 2008 09:06 PM

dumpling house closed? and other chinatown stuff

I walked by Dumpling House on Eldridge today to try and pick up a bag of dumplings. The awning was gone and they were doing a bunch of construction in both that space and the one right next to it (to the left if you are facing it) anyone know if this is renovation or whether it closed? that would really be a shame. An order of their pork-leek dumplings with a sesame beef pancake is one of the great meals of NYC. I ended up getting my frozen dumplings at Deluxe Market on Elizabeth and while I was there I tried these roast pork pieces rolled up in some sort of long thin white rice noodle-ish wrapper Anyone know what that's called? It was delicious whatever it was. Their sweet rice with sausage and pork was pretty tasty too (and ridiculously cheap) Also, I tried to find that place that makes great steamed pork buns...I think it's Sun Wah...I thought it was on Grand near Elizabeth. But I couldn't find it. I hope that's because I wasn't recalling the right address and not because it's been replaced by a bank...

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  1. I only caught a quick glance at the sign b/c the workers were buzzing around. I think they're expanding, which is good. Didn't catch when they were going to re-open.

    1. Walk down Eldridge below Grand to Prosperity Dumpling. It's virtually the same shop.

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      1. re: cmballa

        Lots of 'hounds, myself included, prefer Prosperity Dumpling to Dumpling House.

        1. re: Chandavkl

          I didn't want to start that argument again but yes, I absolutely agree.

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            I concur about Prosperity. Much fresher than Dumpling House.

        2. Dumpling House is just renovating & adding more seats; they should be done within the next couple of weeks. You can still get the same dumplings from Vanessa's on East 14th St near 3rd Ave.

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            Are you saying that Vanessa's and Dumpling House are owned by the same people? I had no idea.

            1. re: KTinNYC

              Don't know for sure, but it appears so. People who put in dumpling orders for the holidays before DH started renovations were directed to Vanessa's to pick up their orders.

              I bought a pack of frozen pork & chive dumplings from Vanessa's last week -- the fillings tasted the same though the dumplings themselves seem smaller. Maybe that's just because they were frozen, though. Everything else on the menu at DH can be had at Vanessa's.

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                the fried dumplings served at vanessa's have a thicker skin than i remember those at dumpling house having. they vary a bit from batch to batch, but i've had some that were way too thickly wrapped.

                1. re: wleatherette

                  I ordered delivery from Vanessa's, just to see if it was at all similar to D. House—dumplings seemed similar in taste, though they weren't as crisp, which is to be expected from delivery, I guess. The sesame pancake with beef, however, was not anything like the Dumpling House version—it was a round english-muffin-like bun, not very flavorful, stingy on the vegetables and with VERY chewy, gristle-y beef. Dumplings in broth were ok.

                  1. re: maggiej

                    huh. i've had good luck with the sesame pancake sandwiches. i've only had the roast pork version, but the meat has been flavorful (if fatty) and the amount of cucumber/carrot/cilantro mixture very generous. agreed that the pancake itself is a bit bland, but still nicely chewy.

                    1. re: wleatherette

                      I'll have to try the pork version. The beef sandwich I had definitely had generous amounts of iceberg lettuce, which i don't remember from the DH version, but very little of the good stuff.

          2. if you look there is a small sign saying when they are re-opening, last weeked the owners were there the day when i walked by and were talking to people that were coming to get dumplings...i think its supposed to re-open around today although i dont recall the exact date it said

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              The pork in long noodle that you're referring to is most likely "tseng fen" - aka "long noodle" - it's a staple on many dim sum carts. It's also tasty with shrimp, beef, or roast pork, and best with a slightly sweet soy sauce.