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Jan 4, 2008 09:05 PM

Do chowhounds prefer to cook or clean?

I prefer to clean because I enjoy tasting other peoples cooking. How about you?

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  1. Clean??? I don't know what this word means. Is it a French culinary term?

    Anne (guess which one I'd pick!)

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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      I'd much rather cook... Cleaning takes a back seat, but you have to look at it as your "reward" for a meal well cooked! Okay, maybe not... I'd reduce myself to Plongeur for access to a 150k BTU burner, though...

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    2. I prefer to cook, but hate to cook if the kitchen is a no escaping the cleaning some times. If I were of an income where I could hire help, I'd happily let someone else fill the cleaning position, but would have no interest in giving up the cooking.

      1. this is chowhound, not cleanhound....hint, hint. At least for me. *grin*

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        1. I will happily cook til the cows come home, as long as someone is willing to clean. Thank God for dishwashers. I admit to running the d/w once or twice during several day long holiday or special event baking frenzies...just so i can have clean kitchenaid bowls, beaters, etc.....even when it's a teeny load. maybe i just need to buy an extra k/a bowl or two.

          I sheepishly admit that i would rather leave dinner party dishes until the next day rather than miss out on time spent with my guests.

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          1. re: im_nomad

            im nomad
            In this energy saving, global warming period it's a better idea to use the dishwasher for "full loads only". Partial loads waste just so much water and energy.
            Saw this on yesterday's Opera's Green Show at my doctor's office and passing along the tip.
            Americans using just one just one less paper serviette/napkin a day (The average is six a day) could prevent over 100 million trees being cut down.
            Makes you think.

            1. re: fruglescot

              this is something i rarely do, and believe me with the mess i make while baking three or four cheesecakes and mini wedding cakes over three days, most times it's pretty full each time anyway !!

          2. Sign me up in the "l Love to cook, hate to clean category". I could cook all day, but my husband has to do the cleaning. And heaven help him if the dishes aren't done by the next morning!
            Like Im nomad, I would prefer to do them the next day if we are having a party.