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Jan 4, 2008 08:39 PM

Cafe Raj vs House of Curries, Albany?

Just won a $25 gift certificate from Which one should I choose, please?

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  1. Both are pretty good, neither is memorable. Cafe Raj has more charm for in-person dining and a somewhat more diverse menu, I think, but I thought some of the food was bland. House of Curries is good for take-out; the interior looks like it used to be a branch of High Tech Burrito -- because it was -- but their curries and naan are very good, and some of the staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

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      I agree with you on all points. I compared the food at both places to my usual delivery place which merely serves a purposes and is ok.

    2. Cafe Raj was pretty bad the one time I ate there. House of Curries can be quite good: the shrimp vindaloo is delicious as is the tandori offerings and the Sikh kebob (lamb). I like the bread stuffed with beef--like a giant, Pakistani seasoned hamburger stuffed into crispy bread. The sweet lassi is a yummy accompaniment to the food, as is the raita. Aloo gobi is good and the potato patty appetizer is great. I forget the name.

      1. I like House of Curries. Dishes:

        Bitter melon
        Seekh Kabob
        Lamb Vindaloo
        Chicken Tikka Masala

        Sometimes they have specials- I like any of the squash curries.

        House of Curries is some kind of local mini-chain. I like the one on Solano better than the one on College. They are indeed pretty friendly, in my experience.