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Good Ice Cream

Like almost eveyone I love a good ice cream now and then, but was looking for a change from Ben & Jerry's, and Haagen Daz. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Two quality products both from Toronto (wahoo, 100 mile). Gelato Fresco and Metropolitan Ice creams. You can buy some of the specialty flavours right at GF's own plant on Tycos, not sure about Metro. Otherwise, they are both readily available in higher end grocery stores.

    Gelato Fresco
    60 Tycos Dr, Toronto, ON M6B, CA

    Metropolitan Ice Cream
    10 Benton Rd, Potsdam, NY 13676

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      Metropolitan do have a limited selection (including a couple of rarer flavours). But after comparing with Gelato Fresco (both visited on same looping trip) I find the Metropolitan to be much sweeter.
      Both places only open during office hours.

    2. Kawartha Dairy has the BEST ice-cream. Love that it's family owned, Canadian and from Bobcaygeon Ontario! One of the benefits of living in Claremont is that Uxbridge is 15 min. up Brock Rd. - a destination for Kawartha Dairy ice-cream. Here's where you can get scooped in GTA - if you check their web site you can find where they stock it in litres+. Enjoy!

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        I second Kawartha Dairy, it really is quite good and it's great you can get it in so many places now -- even my local Shopper's carries it.

        Kawartha Dairy
        304 Toronto St S, Uxbridge, ON L9P, CA

      2. I vote for Greg's. I can't recall if it's sold in tubs - and if so, where, but it's so worth it (especially the roasted marshmellow).

        1. you can find a discussion of ice cream previously started here:


          people have mixed reviews of Greg's, but it is sold in tubs at finer stores around the city

          627 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

          Summerhill Market
          446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

          Greg's Ice Cream
          750 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5S2J2, CA

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            Thanks everyone for the input and places, and LemonLauren for the link to the previous discussion which was useful. My SO and I enjoy Kawartha Dairy ice cream as well, and made it a point to stop by the kiosk just outside of Minden everyday on the long weekend we were there. As for sorbets, we still haven't found anything equivalent to a Lychee sorbet we bought from a small store on St Laurent in Montreal a couple of summers ago where they make it on the premises.

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              Can't guarantee it will taste the same, but Gelato Fresco currently has a Lychee Sorbet in their "warehouse sale". Details on the restricted hours are in the thread referenced by Lemon Lauren. It was there today when I picked up a Strawberry Tarragon, Pink Grapefruit, Lindt Chocolate (formerly only served on Air Canada 1st Class) - and a couple of others.

          2. Have to put in a plug for Stoney Creek Dairy, which is fairly widely available now, but best enjoyed on a summer evening at the dairy on King Street in Stoney Creek.
            There's also a little place in Dundas, just south of the Carnegie Gallery, I think, that has some nice homemade ice cream.

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              Has anybody been able to find Stoney Creek Dairy's chocolate mint ripple in Toronto? I found it once at the No Frills near Gerrard and Carlaw about 2 years ago, and not again (and I no longer live near the Gerrard and Carlaw store). I loathe mint chocolate chip, but I LOVE the SCD chocolate mint ripple (although I wouldn't call the boxed stuff from Stoney Creek premium ice cream - I always enjoy the texture more when it's scooped at the store).

            2. I like Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream. They tend not to add too much sugar into their ice creams and no fillers so there is very little air in the ice cream and doesn't have a gummy texture like some other ice creams I've encountered. They have unique flavours like hazelnut and lavender, ginger, pistachio, etc. They're located just off Queen (on Palmerston, I believe). Not sure how widely distributed they might be otherwise.

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              1. re: Juniper

                My last two tries were awful. Both times the bottom was crystallized - I'm guessing it melted and was refrozen.

                1. re: estufarian

                  Tried it twice and found the flavours to be shockingly weak and the texture wasn't rich enough to return for.

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                    i'm suprised to hear about the ice crystals... I've never experienced that myself. As to the muted flavours, I tend to agree with you that some of the flavours are not as well developed as they could be (the butterscotch ones, for example). But for most of the flavours, I like that the taste of the cream is not masked or indetectable. Like with lavender, I wouldn't want the flavour of it to be too strong (as much as I love it, it gets overwhelming pretty fast) and I think that lavender and cream is a great flavour combo so it's actually appropriate that you can taste both the cream and the lavender, and not have one dominate the other. Anyway, I guess that's a personal preference thing.

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                      I agree about the lavendar but am not attracted to buy that. I love chocolate and even their version that promises to be the most intense is not at all chocolatey - more like a dessert thingy from Wendys.

              2. Hollywood Gelato on Bayview (south of Eglinton) is to die for. Winter's a good time to try it, as you'll stand in line forever in the summer....

                1. I would try Dutch Dreams on Vaughan and St.Clair. Small little place in a corner. Great Ice Cream!