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Apr 10, 2001 10:17 PM

Pecos Bill

  • j

has anyone been to this place? I thinks it's a bbq joint. anyone know if the ribs are any good and do they serve beef ribs? also, anyone know the location of the place. any info would be appreciated. thanks.

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  1. Pecos Bill is a tiny barbecue shack on Riverside near Griffith Park serving ``Oklahoma-style'' pork and beef sandwiches. Pork ribs on weekends. The authenticity is unimpeachable, but the Dust Bowl grub is unfortunately more nostalgic than tasty. Sometimes, cucina povera is not a good thing.

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    1. re: Pepper

      Isn't it on Victory, between Sonoma and Western, in S.W. Glendale?

      1. re: Ronald Young

        anyone know the exact street address or phone number for this shack.

        1. re: kevin

          hi kevin -
 (link below) is a really useful resource. if you set it up in your bookmarks, it's very quick to flip from a chowhound posting that names a place you're interested in, over to to get the address, phone number, and a map for it. an entry for Pecos Bill is available there.


        2. re: Ronald Young

          went to pecos bill. for lunch today. the shredded beef sandwich i had was pretty bad. the beans were even worse. is all authentic oklahoma-style bbq this bad or is pecos bill just a sad immitation.

      2. work close by and a few people here like it (to my disbelief).

        it's fatty pork and cheap turkey roll (gelitin included) sanwiches on tiny hamburger buns

        i was very disappointed in this pit stop.

        go to mambos (cuban) up the street instead.