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Pinkberry or Cefiore? [moved from L.A. board]

I've tried Cefiore and I'd say it's okay, but I have never tried Pinkberry, heard about it though. I live relatively far from a Pinkberry. Is it worth the wait? And, what is the difference between the two. What are some other great places for frozen yogurt?

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  1. Last week, I tried Pinkberry, mostly out of curiousity. (They'll offer you a free taste). Personally, I think it's too sweet/flat. I have been frequenting Farm Boy -14107 Riverside Dr - Sherman Oaks @Hazeltine in the Trader Joe's shopping plaza on the corner. It's better than any of them and cheaper. 39C a pound including toppings. Could add up quick in cost but so worth it! They will always have plain and two fruit flavors: mango, strawberry, raspberry...so so good. Not sure where you are but if you can get to Farm Boy B4 Pinkberry, I'd be curious of YOUR opinion. :) KQ

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      I like the mango from Farm Boy in Palms. I was there two days ago and noticed the price has gone up to either 40 or 45 cents. (I remember seeing a 4.)

      I also like the Acai berry flavor from Ce Fiore, and green tea flavor from Pinkberry.

      1. re: fdb

        After writing about this yesterday, I just had to go today. I correct myself in the price..it's 39c an oz. I pressed out plain with a little mango then topped w/fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and mochi drops. OK so, it was $6.25 but, well worth it. And I ate the whole thing in one shot! YUMMO! love this stuff AND, I'll not try anything else. KQ (P.S. They also had blueberry and strawberry)

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          it was 40 cents/oz yesterday.
          although i think their stuff is better than penquins, can't say i was really impressed.
          it was nice that they offered fresh figs as a topping.

    2. don't waste your time or money [or the calories!] on stinkberry.

      for the best fro yo ever, it's all about Sno:la in beverly hills...


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        gotta completely agree about snoLA.
        it is the very best.
        i dream about it sometimes. . . .

      2. Wow, Pinkberry is getting some competitors. I live in El Segundo and Pinkberry and Yogurberry just came in town (Yogurberry came first and then Pinkberry came into my town). First I decided to go to Yogurberry to see what is different. Yogurberry in El Segundo is very spacious and pink everywhere. Then as usual I went for my plain to see if it is different from Pinkberry. After tasting I realized it was bit the same with Pinkberry and not much special. So then Pinkberry came to my town and I decided to go there (which I never got to because I had no time and maybe once a week). One day , realizing that I was late to work, I decided to grab Yogurberry since it was close by my house. As I entered Yogurberry, there was a major change. Different from before it changed to self-serve, with 9 flavors and variety of toppings much more than Pinkberry. I tried every flavors and they were all delicious especially MANGO and COCONUT. Plain really changed, to me even better than Pinkberry's plain. Not only that, it is 39 cents per ounce, much cheaper than before (ex: 13oz would be 5.07). You can make your own yogurt by getting your yogurt first then putting on your toppings yourself the next.

        If you are bored of same ol' lame plain and green tea, or maybe if you would like to try plain better than Pinkberry's, try Yogurberry (Self-Serve) in El Segundo. IM CRAVING FOR IT! Also I heard from people that the fruit flavors are actually blended in with REAL FRUITS and not artificial flavors.

        Positive things about Yogurberry in El Segundo:
        -Flavors are lusciously delicious, they literally melt in your mouth and make you crave for more.
        -They are all natural real fruit blended and organic
        -Variety of toppings (Up to 29 toppings)
        -Cheaper than many other frozen yogurt places, they even give you a card and stamps everytime you buy a yogurt for discounts.
        -Fruit toppings are not mushed and watery, they are all riped and fresh, my favorite part is that any toppings as much as you want (my favorite is mochi ^.^)

        http://www.yogurberry.com/locations.html I have actually called their company to see if any other places are self-serve, but El Segundo is the only one.
        Speaking of Yogurberry, Im going there right now ^.^

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          Is it a Yogurberry on Sunset blvd. near western? if so thats self-serve as well. They give you a taster cup and you can sample every flavor multiple times if you want. not sure how they make money.

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            It is on Grand Ave, check out the web.

            Yea true there are many different yogurt places with self-serve but only Yogurberry self-serve is in El Segundo.
            I have tried Yogurtland, Cherry on Top self-serves. But they were all watery and too icy and totally artificial flavors Meh gross.... you could just taste it...

            So Yogurberry in El Segundo is my favorite self-serve and overall frozen-yogurt place. I just had one like 3 hours ago with mango flavor and bunch of mochis ^.^
            Also I forgot to say, Yogurberry uses Frutose (Fruit sugar) rather than Sucrose, don't know if Pinkberry does it too.

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              It's called Yogurtland, and, to answer your question, they make money--fistfulls of the stuff, I'm sure--selling froyo by the ounce.

              With consumers free to determine their own portion sizes and toppings, Yogurtland stands to capture far greater profit-per-sale than Pinkberry.

              And, with 15 flavours on offer at any given time? C'mon, Americans love it already. <smile>

              5541 Sunset Blvd.


          2. Hate to disagree,but what Pinkberry has that none of the others do (including sno:la) is a tang that gives it a sour cream/creme fraiche kind of taste. It is totally unique, and it tastes fantastic with fruit and mochi. Try a combo of plain pinkberry with mango, pineapple and mochi--you will never stray.

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            1. re: Cucinamore

              i've tried, i just don't agree that pinkberry wins for flavor. of all those "berry" clones, the only place where i've ever found truly high-quality plain, tart yogurt is "red mango" in westwood.

              but i'll still take Sno:la over all of them any day.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Yea true, everyone is saying, "Pinkberry, Pinkberry, Pinkberry." But it is not all about being eminent and popular. If you are really into froyo, you should try variety of them and see which one has the best flavor and cheap and worth it. So yea, if you have only tried Pinkberry, you should not say it is the best froyo you have ever tried.

                And goodhealthgourmet I have yet to try Sno:la but probably soon

                1. re: ScarletJane7

                  My wife loves that style of frozen yogurt and says that Cefiore is vastly superior. The yogurt tastes better and they have interesting flavors. I will say that I really liked SnoLA and thought their Sour Cherry was really good. The only thing I didn't like was the wooden spoons they used. The wooden spoon gave it a weird "mouth feel" and made me think I was in 2nd grade eating a Carnation Frozen Malt.

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                    If your wife likes to try many tasty flavors with organic ingredients and top it off with the cheap prices, you should take her to Yogurberry in El Segundo. You could get your favorite toppings as much as you want and yogurt, it is all by weight. So you should take her there one day and let her test it, my family loves this place.

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                      yogurberry is organic? that's the first i've heard...

                    2. re: bsquared2

                      bsquared - for me, the memory is those little dixie cup ice creams with the wooden tongue depressors :)

                      i know, the wooden spoon has an odd mouthfeel, but i just adore everything else about Sno:la. it's funny, apparently yogurberry also has wooden spoons, but i don't hear anyone complaining about them.

                      i've been wanting to try cefiore for ages, but they don't have any locations near me...and life's just too short to spend all that time sitting in traffic to get a cup of frozen yogurt. but hey, if they ever open a westside shop, i'll be the first in line!

                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        Cefiore has a shop on Sunset near Laurel Canyon, across from the Laugh Factory and another that just opened by the entrance to the Santa Monica pier on Colorado.

                        Do you work for Sno:la? My wife and I tried it once and didn't care for any of the flavors that we tried. It's definitely not the worst we've had, but it's certainly nothing that I'd be back for. I liked that they had a wide variety of toppings, but it also made it a bit difficult to decide what to try, too many choices. They definitely have to do away with the wooden spoon though. We're talking about taste here, and the addition of splinters on my tongue just ruins it!

                        We haven't tried Farm Boy yet, but after reading the mentions here and hearing someone talk about it, we'll have to give it a try.

                        1. re: froyofan

                          no, i don't work for sno:la [which is good news because i could eat way too much of it]. in fact, i've only been there a handful of times because i hate getting mired in beverly hills traffic. but every time i've had it, it really has blown me away. personally i think that chocolate/cherry combo is just heavenly, and i'm a total purist about my yogurt - i don't like anything on or in it - so the topping selection doesn't pose a problem for me.

                          the next time i'm over on ocean i'll have to try cefiore - thanks for the heads-up about the new location.

                        2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                          i'm completely with you in my adoration of snola.

                          i've tried ce fiore. my advice is not to bother.
                          i pass 6 pinkberry shops on my drive to snola.
                          i used to like pinkberry, but now i've become too spoiled by snola to care for it anymore.
                          (similar thing happened with sushi--i used to like irori until sushi zo spoiled me.)

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                          What is vastly superior to all of them is Silky Smooth at the Beverly Center...
                          Smooth as authentic frozen custard from St Louis, tasty as the best ice cream, 90% fat free like the yogurts...once I tried them, it was all over.
                          Silky rules!

                    3. re: Cucinamore

                      True that, but trust me I know that no other places could beat Pinkberry until now. I have a very picky and sensitive taste especially on plain and I totally can say that plain in Yogurberry is truly delicious, creamy, yogurty, and top it off with the tartness. Trust me, if you are addicted especially to plain, try the one at Yogurberry in El Segundo. I have tried plains in many other Yogurberry places to see if tastes are all the same but not all the same. Yogurberry one in El Segundo is truly legit, Im lovin' it.

                    4. Too bad ya'll don't have Farm Boy nearby. Far better than Pinkberry - More tangy/tart/sweet. AND CHEAPER. For me, Pinkberry was flat and too sweet-not very tangy at all. Don't know about Cefiore. Farm Boy is a trek for me so, I'm not so fast to trek elswhere. Plain, blueberry, strawberry, mango and all the toppings you could want - pomegranate, dates, choco chips, coconut, mochi, sprinkles, fresh fruits, nuts.......
                      self serve and 39c an oz. Great fresh produce too. I brought home a large container of raspberries for 99c!

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                        i recently noticed the farm boy location on overland, but didn't have time to check it out. now after all this yogurt talk, i'm looking forward to stopping in on my way to culver city later in the week!

                      2. The first time I tried the froyo I didn't think it was anything special either, but after a few times, I hit on a flavor & topping combo that I really liked and now I am hooked. So you may have to give different places a try and be your own judge on whether you like any of it.

                        IMHO, no froyo place is worth more than a 15 minute drive and a 10 minute wait. I'll say try a Pinkberry at a place you are going to be going to anyway. There's enough of them around. I don't understand the Pinkberry hype - saw the lines out the door at both Rancho Cucamonga and Century City.

                        Anyway, Pinkberry has 2 flavors, as you probably know. CeFiore has 4 - original, green tea, acai and pomgrenate&raspberry. My preference is acai topped with blueberries, mochi and blackberries.

                        Tried sno:la and didn't like, but if you are in the Beverly Hills area (there is a 'gourmet' donut shop, a cheese shop, a macaron shop nearby) you might as well try it.

                        Another place to try if you are anywhere near Orange is Bliss Yogurt. 2094 N Tustin St, Orange. Their flavors rotate, and it's perfect ending after some Persian food at Darya.

                        All of yogurt are on the expensive side. If one is money conscious one might as well stay home and eat store bought treats. At about $5 a pop (with toppings) these places are really starbucks equivalent - people can brew coffee at home for much cheaper, but they don't.

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                        1. re: notmartha

                          I went to the Cefiore new location at Sunset/Laurel last night, they have fresh cherry as topping! The girl there told me there will be a new flavor coming soon for a limited time, anyone know what will it be? Of all the yogurt places i'd been to, Cefiore is by far the best for their flavor, My fav. is the Acai berry, can't wait to find out what's the new flavor!

                          1. re: chowaroundla

                            I hope it's some tropical fruity flavor like passionfruit or mango, although chocolate won't be bad (but doesn't distinguish them from 21 Choices).

                            Love fresh cherries. I didn't see it at my local store yesterday. How do they deal with the pits?

                          2. re: notmartha

                            Went to Bliss again over the weekend. They had cherry, grapefruit and key lime. All the flavors were good - very light, refreshing and true to the real fruit taste.

                            Hubbie liked the cherry flavor more than the one at Sno:la, I guess because while it's still tart it's not as sour as the one at Sno:la, which really required the chocolate to balance out the sweet/tart flavors.

                          3. A friend of mine recommended I taste Pinkberry back in 2005. But after 6 months of waiting for it to open, I went in to ceFiore in Japanese town (previously called Fiore). I liked ceFiore so much that I wanted to see what the fuss of this "Pinkberry" was all about. So, on a day off, I did a taste test.

                            When I got to Pinkberry, I had to wait in line for 10+ minutes and when I got my yogurt, it had a funny, kind of plastic aftertaste. I then went back to ceFiore that same day and tried it against what I just had. ceFiore was much more refreshing and the sourness of the original flavor was not overwhelming in comparison to Pinkberry's. I thought I might have had a bad case of Pinkberry, so I gave it another chance. 3 more chances to be exact. But time after time the taste was the same. I'm all for ceFiore. And their fro-yo tastes just as their slogan says, NATURAL Italian frozen yogurt.

                            BTW, just found out a few weeks ago that Pinkberry was just bought out by Starbucks... I'm not going to Pinkberry's anymore.

                            1. OK, I have to weigh in on the Yogurt Wars. I have to say I haven't tried Red Mango yet so I can't judge there. However, I've tried Pinkberry at about 5 locations as well as the various other stores - Cantaloop (didn't like the taste), and various Pinkberry imitations. My favorite so far is Cefiore. I run down on the pier at Santa Monica and noticed a new frozen yogurt shop on Colorado between Ocean and 2nd Street. Not a big place, but the staff is friendly, the prices are cheaper than Pinkberry and the portions are bigger and they are generous with their toppings. I like that I can get a latte and a yogurt at the same place. Anyway, give me the place a try, its the best I've tried so far.

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                              1. re: legger

                                do you remember the name of the place on colorado? was it yo-green?

                                and have you tried "citrus valley" around the corner on broadway?

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                                  The place on Colorado between 2nd Street and Ocean is called "Cefiore". There is also a Cefiore just open on Manhattan Beach Blvd. that also sells premium chocolate. I've tried the Citrus Valley on Broadway but they only sell 1 flavor (ok but not great taste) and it gets boring. If you are in Santa Monica, your best bet is the Cefiore.

                                  1. re: yogurtfan

                                    Agreeeeddd, i tried pinkberry and fruit island and cefiore and id have to say that cefiore is the most yogurty. Pinkberry is very creamy but too tart and fruit island is too icy. Cefiore even has a hint of coconut which really tops it off.

                              2. How does Columbo frozen yogurt compare to places like pinkberry?, like the oldschool versions of froyo

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                                1. re: AndyGanil

                                  night & day.

                                  colombo is much sweeter, and creamier. stinkberry & all the clones are tart [some people would say sour], & a bit icy-textured.

                                    1. re: AndyGanil

                                      if you're anywhere near beverly hills, Sno:LA has the best frozen yogurt EVER. try the chocolate/sour cherry twist.

                                      my second choice would be the plain tart flavor at red mango in westwood.

                                      244 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

                                      Red Mango
                                      10942 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

                                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                        In my opinion, Sno:la has the most fresh tasting frozen yogurts but they are also too tart for me.

                                        1. re: fdb

                                          ahh, see, and i love the tartness - when it comes to flavor, it's all about personal preference & palate. but you're right, they definitely have the freshest product out there.

                                2. has anyone tried pinkberry's new flavor, coffee? the branch in pasadena said they were releasing it this week

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                                  1. re: catbert

                                    just went to Pinkberry in Pasadena, I ordered the new coffee flavor by itself w/o topping. The coffee flavor is not strong, and when it is mixed with the slightly sour taste of yogurt, it just tastes weird. Not bad, but weird. Overall, the coffee yogurt is not as good as the green tea yogurt which I thought is just simply plain flavor.

                                    CeFiore in my opinion is better than Pinkberry, they have new flavors such as Acai (which Jamba Juice also has this). And I've always loved Acai flavor smoothies from JJ, so I tried the Acai from CeFiore, and it is D-lish.

                                    1. re: maggie198333

                                      I tried the new coffee flavor at Pinkberry's new location in Rowland Heights, and it's definitely strange. Tasted like one poured milk that went bad into an iced coffee.

                                      I still think fruit flavors and tart has a better affinity than coffee, chocolate with tart.

                                  2. Crackberry, um I mean Pinkberry, has got me hooked. When I leave the office at ten o'clock I can't wait to drive 10 miles to the nearest Pinkberry. The first time I thought it was just okay, and nothing special. The second time tasted so much better. And each successive time just gets better and better. That stuff is addictive. Remember the old saying, "I'd walk a mile for a Camel." I think it's now, "I'd walk a mile for a Pinkberry." The place is amazing and I can't get enough of it.

                                    1. it's a korean thing... this whole war between froyo shops... pinkberry is actually a knock-off of red mango, but pinkberry was first in the u.s. ... now we have all these yogurtland, yogurtberry, redberry, yellowberry, cefiore, etc etc... haha.. it's like starfucks opening up everywhere only each with its own name!! anyhoo, i say go for good ol' fatty ice cream instead!! *drool* :D

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                                      1. re: namstermonster

                                        LOL starfucks, good point, but that yogurt has that special flavor and lightness and its weird

                                        1. re: namstermonster

                                          They guy who started Starbucks bought a major chunk of Pinkberry, you know


                                        2. I recently tried Ceciole at some asian american convetion in LA, in pomona - if any of you went, so it was pretty goood. They only had original flavor and it was realllly good even though it came from a powder. It was creamy and very light and didn't have that tart yogurty flavor, it was more coconutty. Strange, but addicting. Does anyone know if there is Ceciole store in LA? nottttt to be confused with Cefiore.

                                          1. I finally went to Pinkberry because of all the hype, and it was pretty good, though not amazing. I liked the fruit the best. I actually like the yogurt at Creme De La Creme in Burbank much better, but have to try out Cefiore.

                                            1. In 2007 there's already a CeFiore v Pinkberry thread... and now another one? Hahaha guess the froyo debate is still hot on the topic :-)


                                              1. In my opionion Yogurberry is the beats Pinkberry and Cefiore. Yogurberry is not too sweet and not too bitter. it's just RIGHT!