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Jan 4, 2008 07:37 PM

Hyatt - Baltimore

Anyone ever eaten here, like maybe the brunch on Sunday or otherwise maybe dinner??

Went here for a wedding dinner tonight and it was awful..Was seated and served chicken which was extremely dry (you could choke on it) and tough as old shoe leather, and some uniform scoop of mush (Coucous, Pilaf, rice??..I am not even sure but it was very mushy/soft in texture).
Supposed to have brunch here as well for the wedding on Sunday..I take it, that it is a public brunch though so I was just wondering if anyone has ever eaten here or could say more about this place dinner brunch or otherwise??

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  1. I've eaten at the Pices resturant a few time and I thought it was pretty good. They also do a brunch. At the top of the hotel.