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Jan 4, 2008 07:02 PM

Restaurant Closures - 2008

It was suggested in a posting that we should start new threads for Restaurant Closures & Restaurant Openings as it was getting unwielding. I'll start one for Restaurant Closures in 2008. Noticed that Pho Bang Montreal restaurant in CDN has now closed. Had wanted to try their Vietnamese spicy soup. Wanted to get more suggestions for specifically Vietnamese spicy soup in Montreal by starting a topic, but got zero suggestions so far.

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  1. What, you mean they moved then closed already? Their Cochincninese spicy soup was amazing. That's really too bad, because although Pho Lien does good soup, their bun bo noodles are often soggy.

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    1. re: bomobob

      I didn't know they had moved earlier. Just know, I wanted to check out Pho Bang Montreal for first time yesterday(I had seen the establishment before, but never went in), but it was empty(the 'Pho Bang Montreal' sign still displayed outside).

      1. re: bomobob

        I just did a search of Pho Bang Montreal on, & it shows there's a Pho Bang Montreal at 9920 St-Laurent(didn't know about this location). So there was two Pho Bang Montreal locations, & now there's just one?

        1. re: bomobob

          Shows me what I know. Just called up Pho Bang Montreal on St-Laurent blvd. They moved from CDN to their current St-Laurent blvd location 2 months ago. Headed there for their Cochininese spicy soup this afternoon.

          1. re: BLM

            OK, now I'm doubting my own sanity. In Chinatown, on St.Laurent near Viger, is Pho Bang New York. I had always thought they were branch #1 and branch #2 was on CDN, right next to the mega McDo. Both have been in those 2 locations for years. The CDN one closed while I was out of town, and I understood they relocated to somewhere else on CDN.
            It may well be after all these years, the two were never related, and I blindly assumed they were without paying enough attention to the actual name. Weird, huh?
            For what it's worth, the cochinchinese soup at both was (is?) identical.

            1. re: bomobob

              The relocated Pho Bang New York, is now on St-Laurent & Sauve. Thanks for you telling me this morning, that they moved.

              1. re: BLM

                It's Pho Bang Montreal on St-Laurent and Sauve.

                1. re: hungryann

                  Yes. They moved to this new location two months ago.

              1. re: moh

                I'm withholding judgement until I make a revisit probably next week. The server misheard/misunderstood when I ordered spicy soup(he only heard 'soup' & initally gave me their pho special... & so on), that I'm giving them a benefit of the doubt, by trying the spicy soup again soon.

                1. re: BLM

                  ok, after hearing this story and emerilcantcook's story about the soup at pho lam, I'm beginning to feel that we all need to take Vietnamese lessons. In fact, I think that would be a great course: Food Speak, a course that covers some of the major languages and how to use them in restaurants. I'd sign up in a minute (although I have already managed some of the basics in Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, I do need lots of help in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, etc.) We could have a second course on products in ethnic food markets.

                  Of course, this would take away some of the excitement ("did you order this? No, I thought you did... What is it anyway? Could it be a chicken butt (Pope's nose..) How about pig lips? Woah that's an odd texture.... ")

                    1. re: moh

                      I'll do the food translation if you pay for my meal :)

              2. re: bomobob

                Just wanted to say. Finally tried the Cochinese spicy soup at Pho Bang Montreal under proper conditions(now sure what I tried on the first visit there, after the waiter misheard what I ordered), & it was absolutely terrific. The best Cochinese spicy soup by far I've ever tasted.

              3. So this spicy soup is not bun bo hue? Frankly I've never seen a spicy soup on a Vietnamese menu that wasn't bun bo hue. Could you desrcribe what this soup is you're looking for?

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                1. re: SnackHappy

                  If you are speaking to me. What I got eventually at Pho Bang Montreal(I can't remember how it's listed on the menu, maybe 'Cochincninese spicy soup) after I cleared things up, that I wanted their Vietnamese spicy soup(I might of said Cochincninese spicy soup after the bomobob posting), was so below my expectations that I can't really describe in words. It tasted like Vietnamese Pho soup, that was slightly spiked with the broth of their spicy soup & they added one beef bone, & tried to pass it off as their Vietnamese spicy soup(I was so so so... disappointed). My thinking, the Vietnamese Pho soup that they originally gave me by mistake, after the waiter misheard me, they didn't want to throw it away & take a total loss on it.

                  1. re: BLM

                    To bring this thread back on track note that Zen on Sherbrooke Street (in the Omni Hotel) will close its doors on February 28th.

                    1. re: eat2much

                      Haven't been in years and years. I remember the duck as being very good and not much else.

                      1. re: rcianci

                        Another pioneer of "tuxedo Chinese" has closed its doors. Le Chrysantheme (a.k.a. Chrysanthemum) on Crescent has closed up shop but is survived by L'Orchidee de Chine on Peel (same owners).

                2. Has anyone seen any activity on the premises of the former McDonald's at the corner of Mont-Royal and avenue du Parc?

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                  1. re: lagatta

                    Driving past it, stopped at the light, nothing seems to be happening. Just the brown papering of the windows.

                        1. re: lagatta

                          You know, that stretch of St. Laurent is hard to make work if you are a business. Not as much foot traffic as there is south of Duluth. Wandering home, I never see a lot of people in that area, and I never saw a lot of people in Ail Y'ail Y'ail. I never went in there because it always looked pretty dead...

                        2. re: Maximilien

                          A fellow fan mused yesterday that maybe Al had closed temporarily to go on vacation or for an acting gig. Nope. Walked by the locale last night. Except for the ghost of the name on the window, the place has been pretty much emptied out and a big À LOUER sign is prominently displayed. Bummer. Best wishes to Al, wherever he's ended up.

                        3. Le Cartet in Old Montreal is closed for renovations. Reopening March 2008.