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Jan 4, 2008 06:55 PM

Fish Stock West L.A.

I know I could make the stuff, but I was curious where I could buy some really yummy great fish stock? Anywhere on the westside would be awesome.

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  1. A friend from Europe was making a Spanish fish soup for us this summer, so we went looking for fish stock all over the westside. Ended up found some fozen ones at Whole Foods on Wilshire/23rd St.

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    1. re: fdb

      ok, awesome. whole foods it is then. i didn't know if the fish shop in santa monica might have it too?
      or surfas?

      1. re: jessiebelle

        The whole foods frozen one is not good. SM seafood only has clam juice, which is actually better than commecial fish stocks, which need to be fresh to taste good. I would just ask your fishmonger for bones and heads and make it yourself--it is quick and easy--probably faster than driving around town.

        1. re: Adsvino

          Actually, SM Seafood does have their own "Private Label" fish stock. It's in the rightmost freezer, near the smoked fish/prepared foods case.

          1. re: tritip

            I am sure one can find a number of frozen fish stocks. Unfortunately none of them taste like fish stock, which is tre' delicate. Veal and chicken stocks package better. I just heard Thomas Keller has a new line of chicken stock--this I would search out,

            1. re: Adsvino

              Thomas Keller's chicken stock has been out for a couple of years. It's frozen, too. It's a great product.

    2. Homemade is best, but Marina Farms sells cartoons of "seafood stock"