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Jan 4, 2008 06:51 PM

Where should we have our wedding/reception in Chinatown?

We are having a wedding for 140-150 on a Saturday night in May and would love to have it at a restaurant in Chinatown. We are white and aren't attached to the idea of a traditional 10-course banquet, in fact, we probably don't want such an elaborate ritual. Just excellent food, suitable for the adventurous and discriminating eaters among us as well as the 80 year old relatives visiting from Denver. We'd like a place with clean bathrooms and good service. As for atmosphere, we love the red walls, dragons, huge chandeliers and spaciousness of say, Jing Fong. And we prefer a Chinatown venue to the stuffier feeling of midtown places like Mr. K's or Shun Lee.

-What restaurant(s) do you recommend?

-Anyone with experience having a party that size in such a gargantuan space? Do you think they would rent us the whole space for a reasonable sum at night if they are primarily a dim sum place?

-Any advice for getting a reasonable price as non Chinese speaking white people?

Thank you!

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  1. Was honored to be invited to my niece's Chinese friend's wedding at Jing Fong. The huge room was full, but it was only one of three weddings going on at the same time, that's a BIG place. Dinner was excellent, a good time was had by all. Give them a call, or drop by, I'm sure they'll be glad to work with you, even to the point of locating the truly bizarre-looking MC who performed the ritual/ceremony of gift-giving on stage, with multiple costume-changes for himself, as well as the bride and groom!

    1. For a group of this size you do need a large spacious restaurant. While Jing Fong is big enough, I found their food to be extremely disappointing. Try Chatham Square 6 (not to be confused with Chatham Square 9 which is a hole in the wall). It has the main level and a basement, and I think they will fit the party of your size (but probably not more, so please call and confirm.) You are likely to have to rent out the whole restaurant, which I have seen people doing for wedding banquets. They also have pre-set menus available for events of your type.

      No offense to the other poster, but I found their food and service to be much better than Jing Fong

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        I agree with kobetobiko. Chatham Square Restaurant at 6 Chatham Square is relatively new, bright and clean. I've had dim sum there a couple of times and have never been disappointed. They do a lot of wedding receptions and feature a large frosty glass mural of "Double Happiness."

      2. Saturday in May? Good luck. Chinatown is never short on weddings.
        Chinese dining halls usually have a minimum set menu for parties.

        no advice on reasonable pricing but I would assume they expect a certain amount per weekend night and no less.

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          Agreed. I've heard that people book Chinese wedding banquets up to a year in advance, which could limit your available choices.

        2. why not try Golden Bridge on Bowery, just south of Canal St.

          They have good food and space to accommandate your guests, price is reasonable too.

          I speak Chinese, maybe I can be your wedding banquet planner?

          1. We had lots of fun checking out restaurants and decided we liked Grand Harmony best. Love the space, good food, the manager seemed responsive and on top of things. However for dates and other reasons we decided to have the wedding at Bubby's in Brooklyn, totally different feeling.

            thank you so much for all of your suggestions, everyone. Sherri, we would have called you for sure if we had decided to do it at Grand Harmony.