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Jan 4, 2008 06:44 PM

J&L Mall shuttered again (?) - Mandarin translation needed

I tried to get my fix tonight at 8pm, but the food court half of the mall [41-82 Main] was shuttered.

I'm freaking out.

There was a handwritten note (in Chinese) taped to the shutters. Could someone please translate it (photo attached)?

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  1. I showed the photo to my wife. What follows is a rough translation. Between the glare in the photo and the written script, she wasn't exactly sure of the all of the text, but the gist is that the restaurant moved across from a bakery that sounds like "Mei Sum" on 40th Road. Our combined guess on what that bakery is would be Maxim. Hope this helps.

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    1. re: ltlevy

      My wife confirms that translation too. The bakery is definitely "Mei Xin" which is, in fact, how "Maxim's" is rendered in Chinese.

      1. re: Xiao Yang

        Actually it's called Maxin's (with an "n"). Did it used to be called Maxim's? (There are Maxim restaurants and bakeries across the country, but I've never seen a Maxin before.) Maybe somebody bought it and tweaked the name a little, possibly because they couldn't use the old name as one term of the sale.

        1. re: Chandavkl

          I have no knowledge of the particular bakery or restaurant being referred to. I was just commenting that "Maxim's" (as in the Hong Kong conglomerate) is rendered in Chinese characters (the same ones on the hand-lettered sign depicted) as "Mei Xin" (pinyin transliteration).

          1. re: Xiao Yang

            Just curious if this were a predecessor/successor situation. Quite often there are subtle changes in restaurant name to mask a change of ownership, e.g. Yi Mei to Yee May, Sam Woo to Sum Wu etc. Sometimes people don't even notice the difference.

            1. re: Xiao Yang

              Mei Xin Maxin's is the bakery place on 40th street a block over from roosevelt and packed dense with restaurants. sort of a hodge-podge steam-table-type place; lots of nice breakfast items and right near all the foxwood casino buses near the basketball courts at the corner near Prince Street.

              Were you looking for a particular restaurant within J&L (41-82)? My sister says that the "da bing" guy (the muslim guy with the big breads, just before the sichuan place on the left side) has a store on the same side of main street, about a block or two back towards roosevelt avenue. And, not in the Golden Mall (41-28) either. not sure of the whereabouts of all the other places, seems like posts below have some of them covered.

              1. re: bigjeff

                Never made it to the J&L mall before they closed, but there is a Halal place on the street level of the 41-28 mall, though actually fronting 41st Road. Strangely it shares a single storefront with what might be a Fujian snack place--the Fujian place on the left side of the aisle, the Halal place on the right. Perhaps this might be one of the Halal restaurants that used to be in the 41-82 mall.

      2. I think one of the places in the J & L Mall has moved back to its original store location, which is across the street from Maxim on 40th rd between Prince and Main. If I remember correctly it was the Fujianese restaurant that I thought offered the Bings. In Chinese the name is pronounced "Wei4 Zhong1 Wei4" as you can see it written twice on the sign in the picture.

        It doesn't give any clue to where the other stations went, nor what, if anything, happened though.

        1. I remembered a few months ago while waiting for my take-out, I chatted up with the owner at the end of the mall about the previous shut down. She mentioned that the lease is up soon and the one that has the lease for the floor is not going to renew it and everyone has to find somewhere else to move to and such is life... I have not been back since and instead I found a place a couple blocks up on the same side of Main Street (my bad, can never remember the street #s). Inside between DVD/VCD and other stores, there are a few different food vendors. There is one from Xian that serves the typical bread with braised pork or lamb. One serves dumpling (very thin skin all hand made by owner) in a big bowl of soup that is classic from Wen-Chou (excuse my translation). Also some really good northern style dumplings.

          I will try to get the street number next time when I go there and post it back in here.

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          1. re: Smokyduck

            I think you mean 41-28 Main Street. If you've found a different place, please let us know!!

          2. I cruised by the mall tonight. Still closed, and more signs are posted. Here's what I learned:

            The people who sold the bings at the front of the mall now sell their wares, including bings, toward the back of a Chinese fast-food joint at 41-40 Main Street.

            The Guizhou stand that had meat stews and soups is setting up a stall in the tiny mall at 41-42A Main St. It's not open yet, but their sign is up and the stall is being built.

            Not from J & L, but the stall that used to sell incredible cream puffs right by the subway station has moved to Kissena right behind the library.

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            1. re: Brian S

              The Guizhou stand at 41-42A is now open, and there's a Fujianese stall next to it. But the main food court action is still at 41-28.

              1. re: Brian S

                What do you like at 41-28 Golden Shopping Mall (besides the Flat Lamb Noodle Soup that Polecat discovered)?

                1. re: kathryn

                  Look down a few posts to Chengdu Heaven posts

                  1. re: wew

                    Any others besides Chengdu Heaven and the Lamb Noodle Shop?

                    I went to the wrong noodle stall, ended up at stall #15 in the basement, looking for the Fantastic Lamb Noodle Soup SHop, and there were a dizzying number of others.

                    Hot pot? Dumplings?

                    1. re: kathryn

                      The only one I've tried is Chengdu Heaven. I had such a fantastic meal there last night! Yes I want to try others, but I keep thinking the cook at Chengdu Heaven will see me eating somewhere else and will say "so, our food's not good enough for you any more?"

                      1. re: kathryn

                        good dumplings to be had on the "second floor" 6 steps down from the fantastic lamb noodle shop. to the right when you enter; nice guo-tie with the fatter bottom.

                  2. re: Brian S

                    while on our flushing tour yesterday, we took a quick peek at 41-42A main st, which is two doors down from Oriental Express Food. outside of 41-42A main st, it says "Shi Hong Development LLC"; i'll refer to the building as such from now on.

                    inside Shi Hong, we did see the guizhou stall from J & L; they were halfway down on the right and are unmistakable b/c of their red and white sign. we also saw a sichuan stall in the back which may or may not be sichuan chengdu from J & L.

                  3. re: Brian S

                    just to add to your thoughts, brian:

                    yesterday i did a flushing food tour with polecat and davecook. among our goals was to find some of the former J & L vendors, which we accomplished.

                    the building at 41-40 main st btwn 41st rd & sanford ave (same block as golden shopping mall) has a sign outside that says "Oriental Express Food". underneath this, it says "Lucky L & LWC". in any event, i'm going to refer to the building as "Oriental Express Food" from now on.

                    the main tenant of this place is the Qing Zhen (Muslim) bread stall from J & L mall. these guys, who hail from tianjin in northern china, are on the left-hand side once you enter the building.

                    right next to the muslim bread guys is a sichuan stall and a boba tea stall. neither seems to have any connection to J & L, but i could be wrong.

                    in the back is a shared food preparation space where the muslim bread guys and a dumpling lady work side-by-side (i didn't see her dumplings on sale up front, though). i also didn't see the bing people from J & L anywhere in this building.

                    1. re: surly

                      thanks for the detective work, fellas.

                  4. I heard the building owner is planning to tear down that side of the block (up to the Vietnamese restaurant on Maple) and build an apartment building.

                    Frankly, I think he's a little late to the real estate party.