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Jan 4, 2008 06:38 PM

Wedding Caterer

Happy New Year!

I am looking for a caterer for my November wedding in Pasadena. I know there have been previous posts a while back regarding Pasadena caterers however, I'm not opposed to suggestions from the greater Los Angeles Area.

I also have an extensive list from one previous post...any thoughts or updates on:

Elements, The Kitchen for Exploring Food, Auntie Em's, Palette Chef, Firefly, Duxbury Catering, Truly Yours Catering, or New York Food Company?

Thanks so much!

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  1. does cost matter to you? does the place you're having your wedding have a kitchen? you don't mention anything about cost but i was on a tight budget and here's my experience. having a kitchen vs not having a kitchen can create a great variance in cost. also do you want buffet hot foods or apps only? this also affects cost. also kitchen, auntie em's and elements are close to pasadena if not in pasadena so delivery is something to think about.

    kitchen for exploring foods- has wonderful food but they are expensive and if you are on a certain budget it may be difficult to get what you want.

    auntie em's- many people here love auntie em's but i find their catered food a bit ordinary. something that would come out of my kitchen but not quite restaurant quality. i'm sure people would challenge me on that but have been to several parties caterered by them and although i loved the food it didn't blow me down.

    elements- i hope they got more help b/c the guy who was doing my menu didn't call me back on time and by then we decided on a completely different plan. but he was very nice and their food is creative and wonderful. out of the three i'd pick the elements (if they got more help) of the kitchen for exploring foods.

    ny food company- i went to a party catered by them. they had decent food. people swear by them. i have no personal experience.

    truly yours- great menu. i forgot what happened with them. i think we flaked on each other. i did speak to someone but i think i got lost in the shuffle or i forgot to call them back. however, i hear good things about them. also a bit expensive.

    i have no experience with the other ones. is firefly the restaurant in south pasadena? if so i'm not crazy about their food. over salted and over oiled. nice people but food has gone south.

    autie em's does a fun dessert table full of homemade type of sweets like brownies, cookies, red velvet cupcakes which can be fun.

    1. I don't recommend Truly Your's. They did a big party for a friend a few weeks back and I found them to be difficult to work with. Their coordinator was ... not pleasant. And they moved other vendors without consulting anyone- despite being told the floor plan. And they made a major mistake with the table arrangement. The food, for the price, was fine but the working relationship was not acceptable.

      1. We had Elements cater our wedding at the Pacific Asian Museum a couple of years ago, when they were starting out. They were wonderful to work with, and our attendees loved the food, which consisted of appetizers and entrees with an Asian flair. We were very happy with them and would recommend them highly.

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          It has been several years but I have used Cynthia Brooks both for my own wedding and for several corporate events

        2. I would second Pancee's comments on Truly Yours. I'm getting married in November also, and we had considered using them (they were the in-house caterer for one of our favorite venues), but actually changed venues because we had such an unpleasant experience with the coordinator. She was very sweet and helpful at first - until we wanted to make some changes to her suggested menu. Then we were "ruining [our] wedding" (by serving pasta and salmon, instead of salmon and chicken) and she refused to make the change. Just one experience, of course, but I wouldn't recommend them.

          I would, however, recommend the caterer we did end up booking - Fritto Misto. The restuarant (it has locations in Santa Monica and Redondo Beach) also has a catering arm, and we've been very pleased with them so far. The price was really reasonable, and the owner and catering manager have been easy to work with. You'd have to want Italian food, of course...

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            Are you getting married at LA River Center? I will be this december, and am lost about finding a caterer :(

          2. If you still have not found one I would say try The Kitchen for Exploring Food. They are doing our wedding and it's going to be amazing! They are very creative in their presentation and food combinations too. They were willing to work with us on tweeking dishes and are making up a special drink for us too. Our tasting was some of the best catered food I've ever had!!