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Jan 4, 2008 06:09 PM

Where to celebrate 40th birthday?

I am looking for a restaurant to celebrate my hubbys 40th birhtday with 20 other friends. We are between 30-45 years old. Looking to have good food, great ambience with music where we can dance between meals or after dinner? Price is not an issue. We just want to have fun and memorable experience. Thank you!

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  1. They don't have dancing, but the Four Seasons is a great place to have a party.

    1. The Rainbow Room is pretty much the last of the fancy-schmancy restaurants offering dinner and dancing. However, it's not about the cuisine there which, I've heard, is just o.k. I haven't been up there in ages, so I don't know what the Ciprianis have done with the decor, but on a clear night, the 65th floor view is astounding. As a throwback to an era that's pretty much past, i.e., people all gussied up, dancing to a big band orchestra on a revolving dance floor, etc., you might find it a memorable experience. It's only open to the public on selected Friday and Saturday nights. At all other times, with the exception of Sunday brunch, it's a private event space.

      1. I was there for a private event last month and it is as RGR said, great view, beautiful art deco room, dinner and dancing. We also had cocktails in the other rooms, so it was nice to walk all around admiring the various rooms and of course the views. Not sure if food would be prepared by the same people, but it was passable. I have certainly had worse. You go to be in the Rainbow Room, look at the views, dance and have fun, certainly not to eat.

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          ive been to both places, many times four season food is ok, place takes itself much too seriously, fun factor is low, rainbow room food not as good, yes nice place, place is a low on fun factor, for young crowd, i would say this place would be wrong, i need to ponder this question longer for suggestions...

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            sobs is a great spot for music and dance, less on ambiance, less on food, but a good party spot for 20 friends

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            The Ciprianis are in charge of the food for both the restaurant and the private events. In fact, when the Ciprianis took over, they were the ones who decided to turn it into mainly a private event space, i.e., more of a money-maker, and only allow the dining room to be open to the public on a very limited basis.

          3. Thanks for your responses. Is the Rainbow Room touristy, stuffy? I would like to avoid the two.
            Any other suggestions where we can go? Lookig to have fun, great decor, Music, ambience and food. Thanks!

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              The Rainbow Room is famous, so it has always attracted tourists. But over the years, that never stopped natives from going there, and I don't recall feeling that it was stuffy. However, as I said, having not been there in ages and with the changes the Ciprianis have instituted, I'd have to leave it to someone who has been there more recently for dinner and dancing to tell you if it's attracting mostly tourists and if it seems stuffy now.

            2. how about suba-not sure if they still do it but they used to a flaminco dancer dinner on sunday nights. could be fun.