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Jan 4, 2008 06:06 PM

Siena Farms CSA?

I need to find a new CSA because the one I've been using is discontinuing its single share. I live out in Acton so am looking for something out this way. I'm considering Siena Farms in Sudbury but would like to hear from someone who already uses them. Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. I don't have a csa with them (although I'm considering it) but I buy from them often at Copley farmer's market. They always have the most beautiful vegetables, and quite a variety as well. The owner is married to the chef at Oleana, so they often have recipes and baked goods that she makes.

    1. I'm not a member of their CSA either, because the rules for the CSA don't suit our buying style (that is, you subscribe, and that gives you a discount at the Copley Market -- it may be different if you pick up at the farm itself). That being said, I *do* buy a number of things from their Copley stand, and the quality is always exceptional. The cost is sometimes higher than other stands, but their quality is often higher too. Chris the farmer (husband of Ana Sortun who runs Oleana) is really very skilled, and a super nice guy. I had occasion to visit the farm and participate in a tour/carrot-weeding day, and the grounds are beautiful and rustic. They're great people with great product, so if their hours suit you, I'd recommend it.

      I am a member of Brookfield Farm's CSA, which I absolutely love, and can recommend wholeheartedly. They have a pick-up location in Lexington, if that's close enough for you. Our pick-up location in Arlington is at a fellow share-holder's place, and though the published pickup time is until 8pm, she sets it up so that one can pick up the boxes much later in the evening if needed. I'm betting the Lexington pick-up location is similar, so that perhaps that helps in terms of your schedule?

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        Thanks for your response. Their definition of CSA is not how I understand it, which confused me. I sent in an email to Chris the farmer to see if all subscription gets me is a discount. And thanks to for the recommendation for Brookfield Farms; I'll definitely look into it. Lexington is do-able.

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          Yeah, Siena's version is a little different than standard CSAs, but their product is terrific.

          If you want more info on Brookfield, I posted a mini-review here:

      2. There is CSA info on their website and membership forms are also available at Oleana.

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          As an afterward, I went with Drumlin Farms CSA for a couple of reasons - 1) it's close and 2) I'm participating in their winter share and I have no complaints (even though I'm just about sick to death of winter squash); 3) I really like picking up directly from the farm and 4) I wanted a traditional CSA, unlike what Siena Farms offered. Thanks for everyone's input!