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Jan 4, 2008 06:02 PM

OC - FLIGHT BISTRO - Huntington Beach

Has anyone been to this restaurant yet?
I saw an article on and was curious about this joint...

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  1. Adam,

    I've been there, but you already know my thoughts on it since I wrote that article. I loved everything I tried, except those scallops. But I'm sure they've corrected that by now. Great place to take a date. Though it's too bad it's nowhere near the water.

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    1. re: elmomonster

      As always, nice article elmo. I haven't been to Flight Bistro yet, but I'm curious to see if it will survive. That location is almost a death sentence for some reason. Within the past few years, several different restaurants have come and gone.

      1. re: I got nothin

        Thanks IGN!

        I agree with you on that location. It's a poor spot. Not near anything else but a gas station. No chance of foot traffic discovering the place. If it were closer to the pier it would've already need to have a wait-list and a bouncer.

        1. re: elmomonster

          Ok I went to eat the at late night menu and was no impressed.
          I had the shrimp ceviche, mashed potatoes, kobe burger, and chocolate and marshmello egg rolls.
          I think their late night menu sucks. I'll try the lunch and dinner menu some time though. The interior is very nice!

      2. re: elmomonster

        Sorry elmomonster, I was unable to find your review on the your website. Is it still there?

        1. re: groover808

          This one's actually on OC Weekly. Here's the link to the review:

      3. Hello.

        Im planning a girls out dinner sometime during the week. Any suggestions on what night is more fun? Thanks.