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Jan 4, 2008 05:55 PM

Restaurants in Ishcia

Hello all! My fiance and I will be going to Ischia this coming April and would like to have at least one upscale meal as we are getting married there! Any nice restaurant recommendations would be most appreciated. Otherwise we'll be eating simply at trattorias and whatnot so any local restaurant suggestions would also be wonderful. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry for the mispelling there in the title! I meant Ischia!

    1. I was there years ago (about 15) and had one of the most memorable meals. Took a boat around the back side of the island, it drops you on a beach that has very hot sand from the thermal steam, there is a restaurant called Il Girasole right on the beach. It was spectacular. I don't know if you would call it upscale, but definitely worth the trip. You can also drive there.

      1. I am also thinking about spending a few (5-6)days in Ischia this year and would love to hear comments about the food scene...any thoughts on Forio as a base for seeing the island by bus?

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          I spent a week in Forio last year about this time and am going back next week. It's very lush and beautiful and I loved the food and especially the wine. The buses are fine for getting around but they don't run as frequently as I would have liked and sometimes you have a bit of a hike to get from stops to where you want to go, e.g. to Sant Angelo.

          Have you gone yet? If so do you have any tips from your trip?

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            I am SO happy to read your response! I am going in September and am having a devil of a time choosing a base on the island. I finally settled on a small hotel in Forio because I've read that the food is better in that area.
            The whole bus thing is scaring me and I have visions of being stranded on the side of the road waiting hours for one to show up.

            This is one restaurant I found so far that looks good; it is in Barano and I am already wondering how we will get there!! I plan to do lots of research on the various eating spots and will certainly do a report when I return.


            Also, you can have dinner at this winery with advance booking:


            This one is in Forio:

            Meanwhile, PLEASE let me know some details about your trip--both the previous one and the upcoming one. How did you settle on Forio? Are there great eating spots in the town itself?

            Many thanks!!

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              We went to Forio for prob. the same reasons you will: we read that it is a bit less touristy and has better food. We're going back so that tells you something!

              We did not know of Il Focolare last time but will go this visit. It does look like it's a bit up the mountain. We had very nice wine and snacks at the Pietratorcia store/bar in Forio. The Ischian whites are some of my favorite wines - very minerally. If I remember correctly we considered Umberto but didn't go as it was a bit fancy and I have two small children. We wanted to go here but it was closed except for the weekends due to the season so we will go this time


              I'll consult w/my wife about the other places we went and write more. The food is great. Ischia is a sort of unusual combination of mountain and island environment. It is very lush with grapes and citrus trees everywhere. Make sure to try the rabbit!

              If you are in Forio you will have access to several bus lines. My only complaint is that the one that went by our hotel, which was 15-20 min walk from the center of Forio, only ran once an hour. If I didn't have kids I would consider renting scooters. We might rent a car for a few days this time.

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                ee: Would you mind telling me the name of the hotel--maybe it is the one I plan to book!

                I have a lead on a very good local place; bucatini with rabbit and rabbit main course are the things to order here:


                I will be eagerly awaiting your report! I would rather scout out the truly local spots than the "fancy" places, too.

        2. I ate at Il Melograno before it got its Michelin star (it was recommended by Gambero Rosso) and it rocked the house! A bit nouvelle mixed with funky local - very excellent. An incredible over the top dessert with pineapple, pineapple gelato, berries, cookies, etc. I knew it was headed for fame. Has it gotten snobby? I'd love to go back and find out - even back then service wasn't the strongest point. I ate there alone and felt a bit neglected. But the food more than made up for it. The website:

          1. Bringing this up in case anyone has any recent tips on eating on the island of Ischia...