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Jan 4, 2008 05:34 PM

Susur over Chinese New Year

Has anyone heard of a special tasting menu that gets arranged at Susur over Chinese New Year - I'm thinking of taking my SO this year - they seem to be closed this week so thought I'd ask Chowhounds out there. Thanks!

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  1. By responding to your posting, I'll most probably be drawing another round of negative flaks from some of the die-hard Susur fans out there. Ha!
    Anyways, here goes!
    Yes, for the past few years, Susur has offered a so called 'Chinese New year special ' that features a tasting menu consisting of 8 courses ( 8, which has a similar sound in Cantonese as Prosperity, is a popular lucky number to use during these feastive times ). Amongst the courses offered were some very traditional Cantonese seasonal dishes like 'braised hairy seaweed with Chinese mushrooms and sun dried oysters' and ' braised pork feet trotters'...etc. However, Susur being Susur, these dishes were always dressed up and presented gorgeously with a bit of extras thrown into it. For example, with the gelatinous nature of the pig's trotter, he'll pair it with a piece of equally smooth foie gras...etc. But, at $150/person for the tasting menu and considering the relatively 'cheap' ingredients used, I personally find the whole deal a 'rip-off'. He is selling his name more than his food!. For the western palete, some of these unfamiliar dishes might offer certain unique taste and.visual sensation. However, for those who are familiar with Chinese cuisine, some of these are no more than your typical Chinese home cooked seasonal dishes using common ingredients. ( cf roast turkey during thanks giving or egg nog during X'mas.. ). For half the money, I can have a more spectacular ' Modern Chinese' feast at Lai Toh Heen. There, the menu will feature much more luxurious ingredients ( fish maw, sea cucumber, sharks fin, abalone...) that are more attuned to this celebratory feastive period. Food are very nicely presented and the taste can sometimes be awesome too! BTW, service are very attentive and the decor is pretty appealing. However, if you wanted to splurge and try out Susur's cooking, I think you'll still have an enjoyable time with the New year tasting menu. Lastly, If you are a non-regular, good luck with the service!

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      Thanks Charles - I've eaten at Susur a couple of times and great (and expensive) food notwithstanding I agree about the service. The waiters definitely don't win any prizes for being attentive. Lai Toh Heen sounds interesting, as we've been meaning to try an upscale alternative to Lai Wah Heen which we've already tried, and which I understand is a sister restaurant.