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Jan 4, 2008 05:33 PM

crawdaddy in carrboro

This is where the old Bandido's used to be. They are fixing the place up & I saw a sign that said it was a 'cajun cafe'. Hmm, well I feel so-so about cajun food, so I hope they have good fish stews...anyone know more?

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  1. Haven't heard anything, but please keep us posted! I love cajun food! Something that would be a great addition to the area.

    1. Where is this? The only Bandido's I know of in Carrboro is across from Milltown. Is that the location you're talking about? I also really love cajun food.

      1. I'm also excited for this. It is the Bandido's across from Milltown (ArtCenter parking lot). If anyone is looking for a cajun fix to tide them over, I had the gumbo at the BBQ Joint for lunch today and it was exceptional (not as much okra as most gumbos but full of their house cured andouille and smoked chicken so all the better)

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          Yes, apologies all for my obscure directions, it's right across the street from Milltown. I rode by today and the paper is off the windows and there is a 'hiring' sign so it should be opening very soon.

          1. re: Rory

            This is exciting - I can't wait. Now if we could just get a moroccan restaurant in the neighborhood ... (a girl can dream).

        2. From the Independent...

          Patio Loco, however, did shut down in December, and the property is up for lease. And Tony Sustaita, who owns Bandido's, confirmed that he reluctantly closed the doors at his Carrboro establishment. The reason is plain ol' competition, he said: "Too many Mexican restaurants in the area, and more opening every day." There are still four Bandido's locations in the Triangle: Chapel Hill, Hillsborough and two in Durham. Then he told me he has something new planned for Carrboro: a Cajun restaurant called Crawdaddy's Cajun Café. He's gutting the former Bandido's space to "start over from scratch" with a new menu and a small stage for live music—a "very funky, very fun, vibrant restaurant." He plans to open Jan. 14.

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            I'm with you LulusMom, Morrocan food. The owners of Sandwich could *mmm*
            but hey, I've never been to Bandidos, for good reason, Carburrito's is nearby. Give me something new & good & I'll show up!

          2. jesusGod i am so excited about this restaurant! i have been looking for a decent bowl of gumbo for the last four years! and crawfish! mountains of crawfish!