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Apr 10, 2001 12:13 AM

Best Bread -- Baguette, Ciabatta, or Sourdough

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Any opinions? I prefer crusty for all three. Any location will do. Thanks!

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  1. Il Fornaio ciabatta. That's easy.

    1. Sourdough gets my vote! the same company that makes loaves for grocery stores, Pioneer, has an outlet in venice. click on the link below...


      1. La Brea Bakery is stocked with high quality breads and delicious pastrys. They are on La Brea near 6th.
        Bezjians on Santa Monica, one block west of Vermont, bakes very interesting breads that they sell at local farmers' markets and also out of this corner outlet that specializes in middle eastern and pakistani/indian
        ingredients that was once a more thriving market

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        1. re: Ronald Young

          Here's an odd question. I wandered by Bezjians on a Saturday afternoon. There were no windows so I couldn't see in. There didn't appear to be a main door anywhere. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to get in there. Do they just have odd hours or is this place just very Kafkaesque?

          1. re: Dylan Yolles

            The main entry is at the angled corner @ Santa Monica Blvd. and New Hampshire. I've also found them closed more and more. They may have closed altogether due to lack of customers; there are so many other Armenian stores in the area to compete with.
            The breads are still sold at farmers' markets; I didn't have the patience to wait at last Sunday's market in Hollywood, crowds were poring over the unusual bread selections: cheeses, fruits, nuts and herbs are some of the ingredients added to flavor these hand-kneaded loaves.

        2. I love french bread. I am now very satisfied because of two lovely cafes. Please try Maguerite Cafe at the end of Washington in Venice and La Dijonaise also on Washington at the Helms Building (between National and La Cienega)