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Apr 9, 2001 09:13 PM

Pizza questions?

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I'm fairly new to LA, and I'm looking for some good pizza places. Does anyone know of any New Haven or Chicago style pizza joints? I know that BJ's purports to serve Chicago style pies, but those are not authentic. I'm quite fond of Casa Bianca, but it's not the same as a Sally's or Pepe's pie. Thanks in advance for any info!

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  1. Hi, Matt -

    The pizza debate is somewhere up there with the "best burger" debate...i.e. highly subjective and lengthily debated. Try out the link below for a very recent discussion, and also try the search function on main CH page with "los angeles pizza" or "los angeles chicago pizza." I bet you come up with some good ones (and then let give us a report on where you ate!).


    1. I'm surprised you don't like Casa Bianca more. I went there for the first time a few weeks ago... thought that the pie was not only all it was cracked up to be, but also found it to be the only pizza i've ever had that's similar to new haven pizza...

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        I like Casa Bianca fine, but it isn't that close to Pepe's other than the funny-shaped slices. The crust isn't as thin or floppy at CB, the pies aren't charred the same way (where are the crust bubbles?). The sauce actually seems fairly close to some of the New Haven pies, but CB uses more cheese than the New Haven pizzerias.