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Jan 4, 2008 04:18 PM

Lone traveller visiting late January

I hope to be visiting Montreal for the first time the last week in January

I have already picked up some ideas from the board -
I wondered if you could suggest a relatively cheap hotel downtown, and must see places to walk too or travel by Metro that involve food of course

also any restaurants where as a single person you would feel comfortable dining in
maybe also what foods I should bring back to Toronto


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  1. Au Pied de Cochon has always been a great place for me to dine alone. Try to get a seat at the bar for some entertainement. (It's an open kitchen.) And food items to bring back to Toronto: Honey from Miels d'Anicet, Cuvée du Diable (hydromel from Miels d'Anicet also), If you're into beer, Dieu du Ciel and Microbrasserie Charlevoix are must trys.

    1. There are many fantastic places where you can dine at the bar: Toqué ! (super fancy), Laurie Raphaël Montréal (pretty fancy), Pied de cochon (crazy but a must), L'express (a classic), Bu (amazing wine choice)... I also looooove Cocagne on Saint-Denis (the younger inexpensive cousin of Toqué !).
      For lunch, you must go to Olive et Gourmando (if there back from their January vacation) in Old Montréal or Cluny Art Bar.
      The must for the hungry tourist: Marché Jean-Talon (try Qui lait cru, Havre aux glaces, Marché des saveurs, where you'll find tons of local products). It is not down town but a short walk from a couple of metro stations (Jean-Talon is the closest I think). If you're in that area try Bottega, a pizzeria on Saint-Zotique, for dinner. Best pizza in town.
      The classic Montréal food is the bagel, unlike anywhere else. Go to saint-Viateur. And in that area, you can have the best deal in town: the 20 $ lunch at Milos, if you like seafood.
      have a nice visit !!!!

      1. My first trip years ago was alone in January. And I hate to eat alone. Stayed at the Queen Elizabeth so I could wander underground easily. Had a few meals of roast chicken and fries from the stalls. I did a lot of breakfasts- a few places on Laurier and the best find was Cafe Cherrier. The place is meant to hang out with a paper and a tub of cafe au lait and savor the scrambled eggs with spinach. I envy you!