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Jan 4, 2008 03:28 PM

Borough Market on a Thursday

Can you give me an idea of what food stalls are not open on Thursday. I'm trying to plan a visit and Saturday is not looking good. I will arrive in London, tired and with a very pregnant wife, around noon on a Saturday. I'm thinking the market will be too crazy for her. We leave the following Friday very early so Friday is out too. I'm told the market is open on Thursdays too. I am really interested in the raclette stall and chorizo place. Are they there on Thursdays? Remind me of the other not to miss tasty treats I should try, as long as there are there on Thursdays.

Was thinking of doing the Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane, and UpMarket on Sunday morning. Is it worth it? What are some tasty treats there?


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  1. Only a subset of the stalls are open on Thurs. Brindisa, the chorizo place, is open Thursdays and the worst case scenario is that you get it at their tapas place nearby. I think the raclette stall is open Thursdays where they set up near Brindisa.

    You could consider sampling cheeses at Neal's Yard. The coffee at Monmouth is excellent.

    1. I think the Borough website lists some, if not all, of the stalls open on Thursday. I was looking at it last night after a trip to the market. I just went to check.. Thursday openings are listed. Look in the section called In and Around the Market - Trader locations. I don't know how accurate this info is, but it's a help.