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Apr 9, 2001 05:15 PM

Where to get Belgian food?

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Can anyone recommend a spot for Belgian food in LA, preferably Hollywood-West LA-ish? (Funny that they were "all the rage" in NYC a year or two ago yet never caught on here.)


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  1. I want to eat it. At a restaurant. In case I wasn't clear.

    Don't know much about Belgian food, honestly, other than what I've gleaned from a couple dinners out in NYC (I'm looking to build on this paltry body of knowledge). Here's the tip of the Belgian food iceberg: influenced by France and Germany, lots of salt water fish & shellfish, excellent sauces and stews, fries/frites...and great beers.

    According to Zagats, Benita's Frites was the only Belgian restaurant in town but I believe it's gone now.

    1. L'Hirondelle
      31631 Camino Capistrano
      San Juan Capistrano

      Admittedly, a bit further away than you wanted.

      1. Benita's Frites relocated to the Universal Citywalk, but other than the fries, there's nothing particularly Belgian about the place.

        There used to be an office-building Belgian in Santa Monica called Panache, but I'm pretty sure it's defunct.

        1. Given the discussion of Benita's frites, I thought it fit to point out that a Belgian restaurant must at least serve a very good Carbonade Flamande (ie., Belgian beer based beef stew, like Beef Burgundy but with beer). A good one, made with proper meat stock, good quality stewing beef simmered long and slow, and the correct type of Belgian Trappist Ale, is difficult to find. In fact, I may never have had one.

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            FWIW, the ale should be Chimay Grande Reserve, Maredsous 8, Rochefort, or Rodenbach! Though there have been good versions made with lambic as well...