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Jan 4, 2008 03:20 PM

BYOB in astoria?

anyone know of some good BYOB places in astoria? going out with a bunch of people who don't feel like spending too much, just want to eat a bunch and drink a bunch. thanks in advance

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  1. Il Bambino on 31st Ave / 34th St
    Walima (Moroccan) on 31st Ave / 42nd St

    You can read up about them on other posts, I'm sure.

    I'd also call before to double check they still are BYOB.

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    1. re: Rover

      Il Bambino now charges a $5 cork fee. FYI

      1. re: Rover

        FYI as of the last time I went there, Walima did NOT want you to bring alcohol on premise-- Has this changed?

      2. Kebab Cafe- great food. Was featured on No Reservations and is definitely BYOB.

        1. Call Benjamas Taste of Thai (3416 Broadway) at 718 932 8826. Fairly new, it's large and beautiful. I've been told that the food is very good. They have a website. I plan to have lunch soon.