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Jan 4, 2008 03:07 PM

bbq in chelsea

hill country?

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  1. Hill Country or R.U.B (23rd b/t 7th and 8th)

    1. Hill Country is very good. I haven't been to RUB but I've heard good things about it too.

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        1. re: im hungry

          I third Hill Country. I ate there the other night and the ribs were great. One caveat: the sides are mediocre at best. Out of the lot, the slaw is the best.

          1. re: fsd1116

            I would add the corn pudding and bourbon sweet potato mashed as a side...delicous. And make sure you get some of the white bread to soak up the juices...

          2. re: im hungry

            R.U.B. is just a few doors to your right.

        2. R.U.B is very close to you. Go early to RUB and get the burnt ends. They run out quickly so go early in the day. It is very delicious. The ribs are good too but the brisket is dry.

          1. RUB is a few doors down.
            Their pulled pork sandwich is a great deal.
            The beans are the side to get. Really fantastic.
            The sweet tea is perfect and comes with a free refill.
            The brisket is good too. but of the leaner variety.