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Apr 9, 2001 01:25 PM

Best dishes at Chinois on Main?

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I'm going to Chinois on Main on Wednesday, and would love to know what people think are their best dishes. What do you think?

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    Tom Armitage

    Whatever you do, don't miss the seared fresh goose liver with grilled pineapples! It's one of my favorite dishes of any restaurant, anywhere. The warm sweet curried oysters are a good choice for another appetizer. The whole sizzling catfish with ponzu sauce is a signature dish. However, lots of places in town now serve this dish (e.g., Shiro, Typhoon), which always has seemed to me more dramatic in presentation than in flavor. I much prefer the whole charcoal grilled catfish at Renu Nakorn in Norwalk, or the intensely spicy whole catfish at Agung, an Indonesian restaurant on Beverly Blvd. in Hollywood. A better choice at Chinois is the Shanghai lobster, another signature dish. And I like the charcoal grilled Szechuan beef.

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      I'll second the Szechuan beef but the appetizers really shine at Chinois. Don't miss the tuna tempura with uni sauce appetizer. The Louisiana shrimp on a stick with a honey mustard dipping sauce was also good and so was the yellowtail sashimi appetizer, but then again, you can't go wrong with yellowtail sashimi as long as its fresh. If you scroll down, there was a discussion on Chinois a few weeks back.

    2. went last night and all dishes were excellent. uni tuna tempura sashimi, diver scallops, catfish, both lobster dishes - but preferred black bean to shanghai. deserts were ok.

      fyi, chateau montelena riesling was superb and bargain priced @ $25. went great with food.